Legacy Accessories



Accessory Type

Pannier Rail LT2

This bolt on rail allows you to carry 2 standard pannier bags per side on your EdgeRunner or Leap.

Yepp Kids Seat Adapter - Rear

This low-profile, metal adapter is required for attaching the Yepp Maxi EasyFit Child Carrier to the far back end of the LT2 FlightDeck.

Yepp Kids Seat Adapter - Front

This low-profile, metal adapter is required for attaching the Yepp Maxi EasyFit Child Carrier to the front end of the LT2 FlightDeck.

EdgeRunner Electric Battery Mount and Hardware
These clever little brackets space out an electric conversion kit battery so that it clears the chain. They mount to the boom tube braze-ons on Fall 2013 and newer EdgeRunners. Sold as pairs, you'll need one pair per electric conversion.



SuperHooks securely clamp the LT1 V.2 FlightDeck to the LT1 V-racks.

FlightDeck LT1 | Version 2 (no SuperHooks)

The LT1 v.2 FlightDeck is a super sturdy, waterproof, UV proof, scratch and ding resistant plastic deck that sits atop the V-racks and provides a surface for carrying cargo or passengers.

Hooptie Retrofit Kit

Need to put an LT2 Hooptie on your LT1 bike or FreeRadical? You’ll need this kit to do it.

CarryAll Accessory Kit

Carry more with CarryAll bags and add a little protection while you are at it.

CarryAll VelcroXtension

4 longer velcro straps to help secure the bottom of your CarryAll Bags to your Leap frame.

KickBack 3 Radaptor

Adapts our KickBack 3 to fit any FreeRadical, Radish, or Cargo Joe.

Leap Chain Roller

Keep that chain rolling smooth on your Leap equipped bike.




Mini MagicCarpet - Black
This padded seat cushion quickly installs on your rear rack to cover part of the deck and create a padded seat cushion for child or adult passengers and leaving enough room on the deck for a Yepp seat.
X3 EdgeRunner Wheel Skirts | Pair

The EdgeRunner WheelSkirts create a nice barrier between moving spokes & little feet.




RackLocks offer increased rigidity, added safety for passengers, and weatherproofing for your EdgeRunner, Leap or FreeRadical.