Hooptie Retrofit Kit

Hooptie Retrofit Kit

Need to put an LT2 Hooptie on your LT1 bike or FreeRadical? You’ll need this kit to do it.



If you have a pre-2016 Xtracycle EdgeRunner, or FreeRadical / Cargo Joe / Radish with a plastic LT1 FlightDeck, you will need this retrofit kit to properly install the LT2 Hooptie on your rear deck.

This is not compatible with new Hooptie that is currently available.

Why is this kit needed? On the newer FlightDecks, the Hooptie bolt goes through the deck and then through the Hooptie bracket and metal tabs that are welded to the newer V-racks. These metal brackets reinforce and stabilize the Hooptie brackets and prevent the bolt from warping the brackets. Since older bikes lack these reinforcing brackets on the V-racks, the Hooptie retro fit is used to fill that space with what is essentially a thick plastic block that offers support and reinforcement to the bracket and bolt.

The LT1 Hooptie (no longer in production or available for sale) does not require this retrofit kit. If you have an LT1 version 2 FlightDeck, the bolts included with this retro fit kit are long enough for your deck. If you have an older, thicker LT1 version 1 FlightDeck, the bolts included with this kit are too short and you will need to purchased four M6, 65mm long bolts.

If your bike has a wooden SnapDeck, you will first need to replace that deck before installing a Hooptie. Items required are an LT1 version 2 FlightDeck and Superhooks (1 set of Superhooks if not also installing a child seat, 2 sets in installing a child seat).


The Hooptie RetroFit Kit is compatible with the LT2 Hooptie and the LT1 version 2 FlightDeck, and the LT1 version 1 FlightDeck with modifications.

The Hooptie RetroFit Kit is not compatible with the: newest Hooptie, RFA MultiRack, EdgeRunner All-In-One Rack, LT2 FlightDeck, wooden SnackDeck, the TechDeck and any non-Xtracycle brand deck. 

User Manual
Installation Instructions

Hooptie Retrofit Installation Instructions

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