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Xtracycle Bikes & Kits

Bike and Accessory History

FreeRadical / Leap cargo bike conversion kit

Where can I find info about the FreeRadical?

In an effort to not cram the awesomeness that was our original conversion kit onto this page, the FreeRad and Leap have their own support page which can be found here.


Radish spec and geometry
Radish spec and geometry
What was the Radish?
The Radish was Xtracycle’s first “complete” bike, as opposed to the kits we sold prior to the Radish. It was a FreeRadical kit attached to a custom made frame. Prior to the Radish, FreeRadical riders needed to supply their own donor frame but the Radish removed that additional step for customers.
When was the Radish made?
2009 – 2012.
Could I remove the FreeRadical kit from a Radish and use it on another bike? Or use the Radish frame as a regular bike?

Hypothetically, yes to both. That said, we no longer make FreeRadical or Radish frame parts and would not be able to offer support for your build outside of the information and documentation we provide on the FreeRadical & Leap Support Page here.

Why was the Radish discontinued?
The Radish was essentially replaced by the the EdgeRunner – our first complete purpose-built longtail frame. With a complete frame available, the FreeRadical was reserved for riders who wanted to build a fully custom longtail cargo bike.


Can a non-electric Xtracycle be converted into a Bosch e-bike?
No, they cannot. The Bosch motors require a custom frame to that is built to specifically hold the Bosch motor. An aftermarket e-bike conversion kit might be an option.
Do Bosch powered Xtracycles have a throttle?
No, they do not. They are pedal assist only.
If the battery dies, can the bike still be ridden?
Yes, the bike can still be ridden. While the gears and brakes function normally and the bike can be ridden with a completely dead battery, there will be drag and the heavier weight of it being a cargo bike will mean you are having to move more bike. On a non-electric bike, the crank (where the pedals go through the bike frame) rotate using a ball bearing system. This system is almost frictionless which allows you to transfer the power in your pedal into forward movement. On an e-bike, the motor replaces the crank and this motor uses gears and teeth. It is these gears and teeth that allow you to generate so much power – friction is intentionally created and used to your advantage when the system is boosted by a battery. That said, the same friction that gives you power causes drag when the battery isn’t being used. While you can ride an e-bike with the motor off, it’s best to ensure your batteries are properly charged.

CargoNode / CargoJoe

What was the Cargo Joe and Cargo Node?

The Cargo Joe and Cargo Node were cargo folding bikes Xtracycle and Tern made in partnership.

The Cargo Joe was a Xtracycle FreeRadical kit installed on a 26″ wheeled Tern Joe C21. It was released in 2013. The total length was 85″. You can read more here.

The Cargo Node was an Xtracycle FreeRadical Leap installed on 24″ wheeled Tern Node folding bike. It was released in 2016. You can read more here.

Can I still purchase a Cargo Joe or Cargo Node?
No, Xtracycle and Tern no longer make or sell the Cargo Joe or Cargo Node.
Are there plans to bring back the Cargo Joe or Cargo Node?
No, there are not.

Legacy Bag System

X3 CargoBays / RFA CargoBays

Are the CargoBays / RFA CargoBays waterproof?
No, they are not.
Will the CargoBays / RFA CargoBays fit any non-Xtracycle brand bike?
We are not aware of any non-Xtracycle brand cargo bikes that are compatible with the CargoBays / RFA CargoBays.
RFA CargoBays fit on an RFA in Sport mode?
No, they will not. They will only fit the RFA in Utility mode.
What are the dimensions of the CargoBay?
27″ wide x 15″ tall x 7″ depth at the pocket side when straps are fully extended, 11″ depth at the pocket middle when straps are fully extended.
What model Xtracycle’s do the X3 CargoBays fit?

The FreeRadical, FreeRadical Leap, CargoNode, CargoJoe, Radish, pre-2021 EdgeRunners and the Swoop (non-electric).

It will not fit any RFA or any non-Xtracycle brand cargo bike.

How do I use the CargoBays and SlingSet together?
Clip the SlingSets to the frame under and behind the CargoBays. Bring the SlingSet under and over the CargoBay. When properly installed, the SlingSet will be on the outside of the CargoBay.
What is the maximum load per side on Xtracyce brand cargo bags?
50 lbs. (23 kg) per side.

X3 SlingSet

What Xtracycle models will the SlingSets work on?
The SlingSets will work on any Xtracycle model except the RFA (Utility/Sport).
Do the SlingSets work on any non-Xtracycle brand bikes?
No, not that we are aware of.

RFA SlingSet

What model RFA will the RFA SlingSets work with?
The RFA SlingSet will ONLY work with the RFA Utility. It will not work with the RFA Sport or any other Xtracycle bike model.

Hi-Viz Lids

What bags will the Hi-Viz lids fit on?
X3 CargoBays.
What bags will the Hi-Viz lids NOT fit on?
FreeLoader Too, the original FreeLoader, RFA CargoBays, X2 bags or CarryAll bags.
Where any Hi-Viz lids made for the RFA CargoBays?
No, no Hi-Viz lids were made to fit the RFA CargoBays.

CarryAll Bags

I have an older set of grey CarryAll bags and the strap isn’t cinching tight. What’s wrong?
When these bags were first made, the incorrect buckle was attached on the left side bags. These buckles could not be cinched down tight. You will need to replace this buckle with a buckle that cinches down tight on one side.
What bikes do the CarryAll bags fit on?

Pre-2021 EdgeRunners only.

They will not fit on 2021 models, FreeRadicals, FreeRadical Leaps, CargoNodes, CargoJoes or Radishes.

PorterPack / PorterRack

How can I tell if a PorterRack can fit on my Xtracycle?

Xtracycle bikes that are compatible with PorterRacks include welded on bosses to the head tube, like these:

How can I tell if a PorterRack can fit on my Xtracycle?

Legacy Passenger Accessories

Child seats

Does the Yepp Nexxt Maxi fit on older EdgeRunners with LT2 V-Racks.
No, the Yepp Nexxt Maxi does not fit the older EdgeRunners. You will need a Yepp Maxi and an Xtracycle brand adapter. The Yepp Nexxt Maxi only fit Xtracycle bikes with a Rear MultiRack like the RFAs (Bosch and Shimano) and the newer eStoker (Shimano only) and eSwoop (Shimano only).

LT1 / LT2 Hooptie

Will the LT2 Hooptie fit my non-Xtracycle brand cargo bike?
No, we are not aware of any bike other than an Xtracycle that the LT2 Hooptie is compatible with.
How do I tell the difference between an LT2 and an LT1 Hooptie?
The best way to tell the difference is the vertical LT1 Hooptie rails secure in with brass spring pins whereas the LT2 Hooptie rails secure with bolts.


Will the pre-2021 SnackBars fit on an original Xtracycle FreeRadical?
The SnackBars can fit on the FreeRadical as long as you have a plastic deck and a Hooptie RetroFit kit.


Were the older MagicCarpets waterproof?

No, they are not.

The newer MagicCarpets (2021) are made with a water-resistant fabric.

My cushion seems to soak up water and the kiddos end up with very wet butts. Is there a rain cover?
While we don’t make a cover for the older MagicCarpets, a number of folks have great success keeping the MC dry with backpack rain covers. I hope this helps!

Pre-2021 U-Tubes / Footsies / Foot pegs

Will the RFA Footies work on any non-RFA Utility bike?
The RFA Footies will not work on an RFA Sport or any other Xtracycle model bike. They will also not work on any other cargo bike brand model bike.
Will the LT2 U-Tubes (that attached with bolts) work on my older EdgeRunner?
Even if your frame has no bosses, the LT2 U-Tubes will work as long as they are installed with a bolt.
Do the LT2 U-Tubes fit on any non-Xtracycle brand bikes?
No, none that we were aware of. At one point, we believe they did fit the Surly Big Dummy at some point but we do not know if this is still the case since those frames have been changed by Surly. They definitely never fit on the Surly Big Easy.
Do the LT2 U-Tubes fit the EdgeRunner 11i?
Do the LT2 U-Tubes fit the EdgeRunner 11i?
What is the difference between the LT2 U-Tubes and Leap U-Tubes?
The Leap U-tubes have a shorter rear insertion tube length since the Leap tailpiece is not a continuous piece of tubing, like the tail piece on the EdgeRunners. All other aspects are the same aside from this small difference.


What are the kickstand legs made from?

Bilogic Joule Dynamo hub

What is the hub spacing on the Bilogic Joule hub?
The spacing was 100 mm.

Supernova light set

Can this be added to a bike later?

If you have a Bosch powered e-bike, this light set can be added post-purchase but you will need to visit a certified Bosch dealer to have them professionally install it. The installation will require opening up the Bosch motor. You can find a local Bosch dealer on their website here:


What are the dimensions of the WideLoaders?

The diameter of the WideLoader tubing is 22 mm. The distance from center of the insertion tube to the center of the other insertion tube is 28.875″ / 73.3425 mm. Here are some additional measurements that might be helpful.

What are the dimensions of the WideLoaders?

V-Racks and SideCar

Will the LT1 / LT2 / Leap V-Racks fit my Xtracycle brand cargo bike?

The LT2 V-Racks will fit on any model year EdgeRunner.

The LT1 and Leap V-Racks will fit on a FreeRadical or Leap.

No V-Racks will fit on any RFA. The RFA requires a MultiRack.

Will the LT1 / LT2 / Leap V-Racks fit on any non-Xtracycle brand cargo bike?
No, not that we are aware of.
Does the SideCar fit on any non-Xtracycle brand bike?
No, it will not.