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While things around us become increasingly nano-sized, there will always be a need to carry those long loads: 8’ lengths of lumber, a sea kayak, ladder, skis, etc. The LongLoader allows you to carry all the above by placing your load out of your pedal zone, but still close enough so that you’re not clipping cars, mailboxes or your fellow cyclists.

Please note: The WideLoaders are required for use with the LongLoader. The WideLoaders are retired and no longer available.


The LongLoader is is only compatible on Xtracycle longtail cargo bikes and kits with WideLoaders installed. We no longer make and sell WideLoaders. The LongLoader will not work with any RFA model or longtails with U-Tubes installed.

User Manual
LongLoader Installation Guide (see page 2)


A flat fee of $10 will be added to accessory orders shipping within the continental United States.
For accessory orders shipping to Canada, the flat fee is $50. For accessory orders shipping to Alaska, Hawai’i, or Puerto Rico, the flat fee is $70.