Shipping Xtracycle Bikes and Accessories Internationally

International shipping

Shipping Xtracycle accessories: We are able to ship accessory orders internationally (outside of the US and Canada) through Here is how it works:

1) Sign up with You will be assigned a mailing address in the USA where you can receive your purchases from US companies like Xtracycle.

2) Place an order on our website for accessories and have them shipped to your new US mailing address.

3) You will be notified by when your order is received and you can select your preferred carrier and shipping method, or let them choose the least expensive option.

If you have any other questions about international shipping of accessories, please contact us at


Shipping Xtracycle electric bikes: We are not able to ship e-bikes outside of the continental US or Canada. 

For bike shipping to Canada, please refer to this article.

International distributors

Japanese Distributor: Motocross International



German Distributor: Voss-Spezialrad Germany