Shipping Xtracycle Bikes to Canada

We are able to ship bikes either fully assembled or unassembled to Canada. Here are the additional fees that you will be responsible for:

Shipping fully assembled
Shipping unassembled
$600 USD
$400 USD
Duties - non-electric bike 13%
OR Duties - electric bike 0%
General Canada Sales Tax - all bikes 5%
AND Province Sales Tax (link to tax chart here) 0% - 10%
Customs Brokerage Fees
$160 CND (appox) 


We recommend that you use Dilas International Customs Broker. They are a licensed customs broker that is reasonably priced and gets positive reviews. Their pricing can be found here:

Here's what the process looks like to use them as your customs broker:

  1. Sign up for a new personal account with Dilas International Customs Broker at
  2. After purchasing your bike at, let the Xtracycle team know your customs broker by emailing us at Please include the following info:

Customs clearance by:
Dilas Intl Customs Brokers
Phone: 1-800-402-4762
Fax: 1-866-234-2611

We will put this on the shipping documents.