Pack for the perfect school drop-off

We’re pretty convinced over here that if Mary Poppins had a bike version of her carpeted bag, it would be a cargo bike. Case in point the picture above. We’re obvs being a little hyperbolic here (wouldn’t a bottomless CargoBay be life changing?!) which is why we are going to show you what Jane and Michael really could carry on a cargo bike ride to the school drop-off line if they had the chance.


Pictured here carrying: 2 lunchboxes, 3 water bottles, 2 jackets.

The PorterPack paired with the PorterRack is a great way to add a ton of space to the front of your Xtracycle cargo bike. For carting kiddos, this is an ideal place to store lunch boxes, extra clothing layers and waterbottles.

The PorterPack is the same size for both the longtails and the RFA midtail so this amount can fit on both our longtails and midtail.

Please note that the PorterRack is a custom front rack made for Xtracycle brand bikes and will not work with any other bike frame, including those with a Leap conversion kit installed.


Pictured here carrying: two full backpacks, two bags of groceries.

The CargoBays are the perfect place to store backpacks, grocery bags and brief cases. With the X3 CargoBays (for Swoop, Classic, Stoker and Leap), each Bay can fit two full backpacks. In the RFA CargoBay, you can also fit two full backpacks but it’s a little tighter of a fit. The RFA CargoBays are slightly shorter than the full size X3 CargoBays but only by 3.5″. The RFA CargoBays are 23″ long whereas the full size are 26.5″ long. This added length does not significantly increase the capacity of the full size CargoBays.

The RFA requires RFA CargoBays.
The Leap, Swoop, Classic and Stoker require X3 Cargo Bays.

Hooptie Passenger System

The Hooptie Passenger System is a great way to ensure the comfort of you rear passengers while en route. This system includes 3 options: the Hooptie hand rail, the SnackBar stoker handlebar and foot rests (U-tubes for the longtails, RFA Footies or RFA Footpegs for the RFA).

The Hooptie hand rail (pictured on the left) is a great way to help little passengers sit securely on the rear deck. The Hooptie fully surrounds the rear deck. This can be used for passengers sitting on the deck or in tandem with a Yepp seat. The Hooptie hand rail is compatible with all Xtracycle longtails, the RFA when in Utility mode, and the Leap conversion kit.

The SnackBar is a stoker style handle bar best used with older children. Unlike the Hooptie, this rail does not fully enclose the passengers on the rear deck but gives them a solid set of handlebars to hold instead. The benefit of the SnackBar is that it makes getting on and off the rear deck at school drop-off easier for older passengers. The SnackBar is compatible with all Xtracycle longtails, the RFA when in Sport and Utility mode, and the Leap conversion kit.

Footrails are handy option for giving passengers a comfortable place to rest their feet. They are also super handy for supporting weight in the CargoBays. There are a few options available here:
U-tubes for the Swoop, Classic, Stoker or Leap – full-sized foot rails that install onto the frame.
RFA Footsies for the RFA Utility – long foot rails that install onto the frame.
RFA Footpegs for the RFA Sport or Utility – foot pegs that install in various positions on the frame.

With all of these stellar options available, you’re sure to find a set-up that makes school drop-off a breeze for you and your young pupils.

Not sure what accessories are best for you? Schedule a meet-up with our team members who have plenty of experience biking their own little ones to school!