The PorterPack was born out of a need to carry when you have limited rear cargo space.


Product Specs

17″ wide x 5.5″ tall in the front / 7″ tall in the back x 10.5″ deep


19 L – 56 L
(varies due to roll-top)


TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) water resistant fabric, nylon, rubberized mesh, webbing, hook-and-loop tape, plastic clips


When the back of your bike is occupied by tiny legs, the front PorterPack is your go-to spot for stashing everything else. In open-top basket mode, it’s the replacement for reaching over into the passenger seat to grab something from your handbag. It’s expandable, so don’t be shy, fill it up—groceries, (preferably clean) diapers, regrets, plants you’ll eventually kill, Chihuahuas—anything goes. The RackNRoll Top keeps that peach cobbler fresh and bug-free on your way to the picnic, and the mesh pocket is perfect for quick access to your phone, keys, wallet, and MapQuest print-outs. With reinforced fabric, heavy duty zippers, a solid bottom, and even a water-shedding enclosure, the PorterPack can withstand all the abuse you would subject your (now Craigslisted) car trunk to. 

With the PorterPack, you can escape the joyous occasion that is stopping the bike, engaging the kickstand, and heading to the back to rifle through the bag stashed under your kids’ legs while they squirm because the sun is in their eyes and punch each other because siblings and kick you in the face because well why did you put your face so close to their feet in the first place and finally getting the bag open only to find the Cheetos are now just powder because apparently Jimmy was kicking the bag the whole time and now you need to reroute to a store for a new snack and OH MY GOD just stop. Breathe. And get a PorterPack.


The PorterPack is compatible with all model year Xtracycle PorterRacks.

The PorterPack is not compatible non-Xtracycle brand front rack as far as we are aware. 

User Manual
PorterPack Installation Manual

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A flat fee of $10 will be added to accessory orders shipping within the continental United States.
For accessory orders shipping to Canada, the flat fee is $50. For accessory orders shipping to Alaska, Hawai’i, or Puerto Rico, the flat fee is $70.
Roll-top closure

Roll-top closure

The PorterPack can adjust to fit a wide variety of cargo with the versatile roll-top closure.

Water resistant fabric

Water resistant fabric

The smooth exterior TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) fabric of the main body fo the bag and the water-resistant interior lining on the roll-top helps keep your things dry.

Exterior side pockets

Exterior side pockets

In addition to the roomy interior, there are two exterior zippered side pockets to help keep your stuff organized.

Solid bottom & side panels

The structure of the PorterPack is reinforced with a sturdy solid bottom and side panels so it stay rigid for easy loading and unloading.

PorterRack compatible

The PorterPack is custom built to integrate seamlessly with the Xtracycle PorterRack for maximum carry capability.

Easy access mesh pockets

Keep your phone and other necessities nearby and in easy reach with the PorterPack’s rear mesh pockets.