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Introducing the Shimano STEPS EP8.

Whether you’re running errands, shuttling kids to the school drop-off, taking a partner along for a ride or hitting up some forest roads for a weekend getaway, the Shimano STEPS EP8 e-bike system is there to give you a little – or a lot – of boost.

What makes the Shimano STEPS system unique

A true leader in e-bike development, Shimano has learned a lot from its many years on the scene and has truly refined their system.

STEPS EP8 Drive Unit

STEPS EP8 Drive Unit

The compact, light EP8 drive unit delivers up to 85 nM of smooth, direct power to ensure you’re always in control while experiencing a natural ride feeling. This is a Class 1 e-bike motor with a maximum assist level of 20 MPH.

BT-E8016 External Battery

BT-E8016 External Battery

With 630Wh, you’ll be able to ride further without having to stop and recharge. A single 630 watt-hour battery provides between 30 to 60 miles per charge, depending on conditions. The STEPS EC-E6002 charger is included.

E5003 Cycling Computer

E5003 Cycling Computer

The E5003 cycling computer gives you easy handlebar access to control your e-bike system. With large display and easy to use button layout, you’ll take less time thinking about your electric assist and more time enjoying your adventure.

Integrated Herrmans front and rear lights

Integrated Herrmans front and rear lights

All Shimano STEPS powered Xtracycle come ready to ride anytime of day or night with a Herrmans H-Black Pro front light and H-Track Dynamo rear light.

Additional System Details

Drive Unit

Take on your commute in full confidence with 85Nm increased maximum torque. EP8 delivers smooth, direct power to ensure you’re always in complete control while experiencing a natural ride feeling.

  • Lightweight motor for better handling (5.75 lbs.)
  • Quieter to enjoy the trails without distraction
  • Sleek integration and appearance for improved aesthetics
  • More ground clearance for technical trails
  • Refined Trail mode
  • Responsive, especially noticeable when riding above 15mph
  • Extensive customizable assistance
  • Durable and weather resistant for riding in all conditions
  • Improved heat management
  • Support when pushing your bike and walking. Riders can hop off and walk their bikes without needing to shift

Shimano STEPS batteries are renowned for keeping you out longer and riding further and the new BT-E8016 is no exception.

  • Long lifespan
  • Compact and low center of gravity for better bike handling 
  • Easy to remove
  • 630 wH capacity
  • 30 – 60 miles of range, depending on conditions
  • Charge your battery from 0-100% in 10.2 hours or 0-80% in 7.5 hours.

Cycling Computer and Controls

The STEPS SC-E5003 cycling computer puts the power at your fingers tips.

  • Unified switch and display
  • Left hand operation for flat handlebar bike
  • Simple & compact menu display with monochrome font
  • Assist mode select buttons (up/down)
  • Light on/off button
  • Change display menu button
  • Walk assist function

System Specifications and User Manuals

Shimano STEPS EP8 System Specifications
Drive UnitDU-EP800
Motor typeMid-drive
Motor classClass 1
Maximum assist speed20 MPH
Number of support levels3 – Eco, Trail and Boost
Maximum torque85 nM
Motor weight~ 5.75 lbs.
Walk assist optionYes
BatteryBT-E8016, 630 wH external
(downtube on eSwoop and RFA,
chainstay on eStoker)
Battery range30 – 60 miles per charge,
depending on conditions
Battery chargerShimano EC-E6002
Battery charge time0-100% in 10.2 hours
0-80% in 7.5 hours
Cycling computerSC-E5003 (located on handlebar)
(Not Bluetooth compatible)
Shimano STEP EP8 User Manuals
Shimano EP8 User ManualLink to PDF
SC-E5003 Cycling Computer ManualLink to PDF
BT-E8016 Battery &
EC-6002 Charger Manual
Link to PDF

Frequently Asked Questions about the Shimano STEPS EP8


Why did Xtracycle make the switch from Bosch to Shimano?
When considering the design of our new bikes, we tested a great deal of e-bike systems and found Shimano to be the best fit for our new line of cargo bikes. We appreciated the simplicity of having one motor and one battery and we were excited that the Shimano EP8 meets the regulations requirements of many countries.
What does STEPS stand for?
Shimano STEPS is Shimano’s e-bike system. STEPS stands for Shimano Total Electric Power System. Shimano incorporates its extensive experience and success in bike componentry into the creation of its premium e-bike systems.
Do you have to pedal on a Shimano STEPS Xtracycle?
Yes, all Shimano STEPS systems are pedelecs, meaning pedal assist. The Shimano system is designed to amplify the power you put into the bike, it will not work unless the rider does.
Do the Shimano STEPS Xtracycles have a throttle?
No, the Shimano STEPS EP8 system does not have a throttle (button or switch that engages the motor when you are not pedaling). The rider must be pedaling for the motor to be engaging.
How fast does a Shimano STEPS Xtracycle go?
The max power of the Shimano STEPS system is 20mph. This classifies this system as a Class 1 pedal assist bike.
The max assist is 20 MPH. Does this mean I can’t ride faster than 20 MPH?
This max assist level means this is the speed at which the electric system will stop assisting you in pedaling. When you reach over 20 MPH, pedaling will be all human powered and your can go as fast as your legs can pedal and the downhill can propel you. Once your bike slows back down to slightly below 20 MPH, the pedal assist will kick back in if the system is on.
Can I ride with the system turned off?
Yes, you can, but anticipate it being a little harder than riding a regular bike. This is because the bike is heavier than a standard bike so you will be pedaling more weight on your own.
Can I install a Shimano STEPS on my non-electric EdgeRunner or Bosch powered Xtracycle?
Because the Shimano STEPS system requires a custom frame to fit the motor, retrofitting the STEPS on a non-electric bike or a Bosch powered Xtracycle is not possible.
Can I ride my Shimano STEPS Xtracycle in the rain?
Yes, STEPS equipped Xtracycles are water resistant. This means they can be ridden in the rain but note; they are not meant to be submerged under water.
How do I maintain my Shimano STEPS Xtracycle?

Maintenance of an e-bike is just like any other. Check tire pressure, brakes, and chain before each ride, and take your bike into your local dealer for tune-ups. For more information on maintaining your Xtracycle, please check out there articles: 
Maintenance: Caring for your new Xtracycle (this includes a detailed maintenance schedule)
Maintenance: Basic Bike Maintenance Tool Kit Check List (this includes a check list of the maintenance tools you should have)


What is the battery range of a Shimano STEPS e-bike?
There are many variables that determine the range of your battery. These can include rider weight, wind, terrain type, and assist level being used. In general, a 630wH should have 30 – 60 miles of range.
How is the range calculated while I ride?
The range overview is recalculated continuously by calculating speed, driver behavior and power consumption. This means that range overview makes a prediction, which can vary depending on these different factors.
Are there various motor and battery options or just one for the Shimano powered Xtracycles?
We are only offering the DU-EP800 drive unit and the 630 wH battery.
Are second batteries available for purchase?
While Xtracycle does not yet have second batteries for sale, you can purchase additional batteries from a Shimano certified dealer.
Can I lock the battery?
Yes. There is a keylock included which you can use to lock and unlock the battery on the bike.
How should the battery be stored for the long-term?

– Store in a cool, indoor location with a stable temperature between approximately 10 to 20°C (50 to 68°F)
– No direct exposure to sunlight or rain
– Charge battery to around 70% before storing
– Every six months, charge the battery back up to around 70% 
– Before using the battery again, charge it completely

What is the battery capacity?
The Shimano STEPS battery that comes with every Shimano powered Xtracycle has a 630 wH capacity.
How much does the remaining battery capacity decrease after several years?
Generally, the battery will decrease by approximately 5% a year. Which means about 95% capacity remains after year one, and 90% after year 2.
Do I need to empty the battery completely before recharging to expand battery life?
No, as this will not affect battery life. Simply charge your battery any time you feel you need it.
How long does it take to charge a Shimano STEPS battery?
The battery will charge from 0-80% in 7.5 hours, and from 0-100% in 10.2 hours.
My STEPS battery is empty. Do I need to charge it right away?
You need to charge it back up to 70% if you plan to directly store your bike for six months or more. Otherwise, if you plan to use your bike in the very near future, simply charge the battery before your next ride.
Can I still pedal if the battery is empty?
Yes, but you won’t have any support. As e-bikes are heavier than normal bikes, it’s best to avoid these situations. The brakes and shifters are fully mechanical and not connected to the e-bike system so those will continue to work normally.
Will display still work if battery is empty?
Yes. When riding with an empty battery, the ride-assist will stop but there will always be some extra ‘bring me home’ energy to run the display as well as bike lights.
Does pedaling recharge the battery?
No. Pedaling the bike does not recharge the battery.

Software and Updates

Is the included cycling computer compatible with the E-tube app?
The included computer does not have Bluetooth and is not compatible with the E-tube app.
Could I upgrade the cycling computer to be compatible with the E-tube app?
While we cannot make cycling computer upgrades at Xtracycle, this is something a Shimano dealer in your area could possibly help with.
How can I update the firmware on my Shimano EP8 system?
You will need to visit a Shimano dealer to have them update your firmware.


How long is the Shimano warranty valid for?
Shimano provides a 2-year warranty for all STEPS components beginning on the date it’s purchased.
What is the Xtracycle warranty?

You can see the full Xtracycle warranty on our Terms and Conditions page. The Xtracycle warranty only applies to part and components manufactured by Xtracycle, like the frame and fork.

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