Will a Hooptie fit on my bike?

The Hooptie is a game-changing accessory when it comes to carrying kids on your Xtracycle, offering stability and security for children sitting on the deck, as well as added protection for children in child seats mounted to the rear deck.

The easiest way to identify what you need to install a Hooptie on your bike is to first identify what rear deck system you have.

If you have the... ...you will need the... This rack was found on the:
EdgeRunner All-In-One Rack
Longtail Hooptie - Swoop (Shimano)
- Stoker (Shimano)
RFA UtilityRack / RFA SportRack RFA Hooptie
- RFA (Shimano / Bosch)
V-Racks and FlightDeck
on an Xtracycle with a 20" or 24"
rear wheel
EdgeRunner All-In-One Rack
+ Longtail Hooptie
- Swoop (non-electric / Bosch)
- Stoker (Bosch)
- Classic (non-electric / Bosch)
- Leap with a rear wheel that is 24" or smaller
- all EdgeRunner Models
(24/27/30D, 8/9/10e, 11i, pre-2016 models)
- CargoNode
V-Racks and plastic FlightDeck
on an Xtracycle with a 26" rear wheel
Special set up needed -
See details below
- Leap with a rear wheel larger than 24"
- FreeRadical with plastic deck
- Radish
- CargoJoe

V-Racks and wooden SnapDeck
on any Xtracycle

No current Hooptie options
- FreeRadical with wooden deck

EdgeRunner All-In-One Rack or RFA Rack

Summary of equipment needed: Longtail Hooptie or RFA Hooptie

If your Xtracycle has an EdgeRunner All-In-One Rack, an RFA UtilityRack or an RFA SportRack, you can either use a Longtail Hooptie (for the EdgeRunner All-In-One Rack) or the RFA Hooptie (for the RFA Utility or SportRack). These Hoopties will work out-of-the-box with these racks so no other materials are needed for installation. Not sure

V-Rack with a plastic FlightDeck on an Xtracycle with a 20" or 24" rear wheel

Summary of equipment needed:
Option 1 - EdgeRunner All-In-One Rack and
Longtail Hooptie
Option 2 - Contact support for help ordering needed parts (see details below)

If you have this set up, you have two options.

Option 1) You can replace your LT2 V-Racks and FlightDeck with the new EdgeRunner All-In-One Rack. This rack is compatible with your bike and the new Longtail Hooptie. Replacing your V-Racks and FlightDeck with this EdgeRunner All-In-One Rack that will be compatible with both your bike and the Longtail Hooptie. The advantage of the All-In-One rack is that it is a single, solid part and integrates a pannier rail which you might like to use.

Option 2) The other options is you can keep you current V-Racks and FlightDeck and piece together the needed parts. This option won't be available for much longer since we don't have many of these parts left and we will not be ordering more. What you will need is a previous model front Hooptie bracket and a new rear Hooptie bracket. You will need to obtain and use longer bolts to install these brackets - M5 x 45mm bolts which should be available at a local hardware store. Please note that the new rear bracket is one inch taller than the older front bracket; this means that while the rails will work, they will be slightly slanted. If you choose this option, our support staff can help prepare the order for you since these parts are not separately available on our site. Simply email us at support@xtracycle.com

V-Rack with a plastic FlightDeck on an Xtracycle with a 26" rear wheel

Summary of equipment needed: LT2 SnackBar + Hooptie Retrofit Kit (plastic decks only)

If you have a bike with a rear wheel that is larger than 24", it is not possible to install the new Longtail Hooptie on your bike since the EdgeRunner All-In-One Rack is not compatible with bikes with wheels larger than 24". Our suggestion would be to install a look for a used LT1 or LT2 Hooptie or install a If you are interested in installing only a front SnackBar on your bike, please email support@xtracycle.com to inquire about availability of this accessory for your bike model.

V-Rack with a wooden SnapDeck on an Xtracycle with a 26" rear wheel

If you have a bike with a SnapDeck, there is no option for a Hooptie.

Found an LT1 or LT2 Hooptie used? Read this.

The Hooptie LT1 and Hooptie LT2 is no longer available. That said, you might be able to find these used.

The Hooptie LT1 was designed to work with the 1/2" or greater plastic FlightDeck LT1. If you have both of these items and are looking to install them, instructions can be found here. The Hooptie LT1 is not compatible with the SnapDeck, nor the FlightDeck LT2 found on 2015 and newer bikes.