The X3 Bag System (retired)

The X3 bag components include: WheelSkirts, CargoBay (sold-out), Hi-Viz Lids, SlingSet (sold out) and the LockPocket (sold out).


EdgeRunner/Stoker & Leap WheelSkirts

You asked for it, folks! After lots of awesome customer feedback, we are thrilled to offer an option that is better suited to a rear deck loaded up with Yepp seats. Made out of a super durable coated mesh material, the WheelSkirts create a nice barrier between moving spokes & little feet.

The WheelSkirts are included with current model year EdgeRunners, Stokers, RFA Utility and Leap Kits. Take note of the increased height on the Leap WheelSkirts to accommodate larger wheel sizes whereas the EdgeRunner/Stoker WheelSkirts suit the 20" or 24" rear wheel*. Since the increased deck height on Leaps can sometimes cause loaded bags to bump into the rear wheel, the Leap WheelSkirts can also be used to prevent this.

*The RFA Utility Deck also comes with custom made WheelSkirts that fit this mid-tail frame.

What they are great for: bikes with two Yepp seats installed; bikes carrying multiple passengers with no need for rear bags; bikes only needing SlingSets for bulky items and no need to carry loose items.

What they are compatible with: CargoBay, SlingSet, LockPocket (the RFA Utility WheelSkirt is compatible with the RFA CargoBay and the RFA Slingset)

Edgerunner WheelSkirts (found here) are $50 and sold as a pair.

**Leap WheelSkirts are out of stock and no longer in production.


Looking for ample storage to carry 2 bags of groceries, beach towels, backpacks, library books, coolers and plenty of other medium-sized items? The CargoBay has got you covered. This bag has a roomy interior pocket that runs the length of your rear deck, with side cinch buckles on the side of the CargoBay lid allow for the top to be adjusted easily to fit your cargo needs and two smaller mesh pockets sewn onto the deck side bag interior. Add a Hi-Viz Lid to extend the bay lid by 12" for added protection of cargo from the elements. They can also be used in combination with a SlingSet for additional carrying capacity. No need for WheelSkirts when using two CargoBays since they protect passengers and cargo from touching the rear wheel, but if you already have WheelSkirts installed, no need to remove them for proper CargoBay installation.

What they are great for: medium sized cargo like grocery bags, backpacks, books, coolers, toys, shoes, and more!

What they are compatible with: WheelSkirts, Hi-Viz Lid, SlingSet, LockPocket.

Dimensions: 27" wide, 15" tall, 7" depth at the pocket side when fully extended straps, 11" depth at the pocket middle when fully extended straps, 6.5" tall x 15" wide interior mesh pocket, 6.5" tall x 10" wide interior mesh pocket

**CargoBay bags are out of stock and no longer in production.



Hi-Viz Lid

Visibility is the name of the game! These Hi-Viz lids velcro onto the CargoBay flap to protect cargo in the bay from the elements. The two 2” wide horizontal reflective strips increase visibility. Each lid lining is water resistant and can be easily removed to create a waterproof pad to sit on.

What they are great for: added visibility, protecting a CargoBay from the elements.

What they are compatible with: CargoBay, SlingSet (Hi-Viz Lid fits on the inside of the SlingSet), LocketPocket.

What they are not compatible with: X2 or CarryAll bags.

Dimensions: 26.5" wide at the top (tapers toward the bottom), 12" tall

Hi-Viz Lids (found here) are $20 each and sold individually.


Kayaks, ladders, strollers, bags of chicken feed. If it's bulky, the SlingSets are up to the task. Slings can be buckled to the V-racks (V-rack buckles included) or can be buckled to the opposite side bag's straps over the top of the FlightDeck.

What they are great for: carrying bulky items like kayaks, ladders, strollers, bags of chicken feed, Christmas trees, lumber, coolers, beach or camp chairs, helpful for towing bikes, and more!

What they are compatible with: CargoBay, Hi-Viz Lid (Lid fits on the inside of the SlingSet), WheelSkirts, LockPocket

Dimensions: 27.5" wide, sling comes out from bike 19" when installed, straps can be extended to 21" past the top of the sling

**SlingSets are out of stock and no longer in production.

For the RFA Utility, please see RFA SlingSet found here.


For keeping track of smaller, loose items, like your lock, phone, keys, bike tools, etc. Buckles make popping it off quick and easy. The LockPocket includes a roomy interior pocket with sewn in key clip, a smaller exterior zippered mesh pocket, and a 5.5" long U-lock holster. The included One Wrap Velcro on the bag clips allow you to install the LockPocket on the handlebars, Hooptie, V-racks or (with a little DIY - instructions included) inside the CargoBay.

What they are great for: carrying small items like keys, wallet, phone, earbuds, change, snacks, 5.5" U-lock, bike tools, toys

What they are compatible with: WheelSkirts, CargoBay, SlingSet*, LockPocket

Bag dimensions: 8.5" wide, 6" tall, 1.75" deep

**LockPockets are out of stock and no longer in production.