Steps to install front light on fender

Here are some directions describing the process we use in the shop to mount the light directly to the fender.

After removing the front wheel, disconnect the light from the connectors that are a few inches down the light wire. 20220415_172721.jpg
Then use a 3/16 drill bit to drill out the rivet from the underside of the fender. You'll only need to drill enough of the rivet to pop it out, though drilling all the way through is fine.
Once the rivets are removed the tab should be free and you can discard it.
Pull the light wires through the fender, as we'll be attaching the light directly to those holes. You can either drill out that hole a little bigger and use the bolt that was attaching the light to the tab or use an M5 bolt.

Before you mount the light to the fender you should flip/rotate the piece of the light mount that attaches to the fender.
Once the light is secure you're going to feed the wires up through the hole where the mounting tab was and reconnect the connectors (red to black; black to black with grey stripe).
Now you're ready to test the connection and get back on the road! Let us know if you have any questions!