Shimano eSwoop Features

This article reviews all features on the Shimano EdgeRunner eSwoop. For features specific to the non-electric EdgeRunner Swoop, please refer to this article here: EdgeRunner Swoop Features.

Shimano eSwoop highlight features

1. Shimano STEPS EP8 motor: The Shimano STEPS EP8 e-bike motor has a top pedal-assist speed of 20 mph and up to 85 nM of torque for hilly terrain or heavier loads. With up to 400% of e-assist, you’ll cruise up hills with your bike loaded or unloaded. Learn more about the Shimano STEPS EP8 system here.

2. Shimano 630 wH battery: With 630Wh, you’ll be able to ride further without having to stop and recharge. A single 630 watt-hour battery provides between 30 to 60 miles per charge, depending on conditions.

3. Shimano E5003 computer: The E5003 cycling computer gives you easy handlebar access to control your e-bike system. With large display and easy to use button layout, you’ll take less time thinking about your electric assist and more time enjoying your adventure.

4. Universal sizing: All Shimano powered Xtracycle frames come in one size. We accommodate different size riders with different FitKits, which include a seat post and stem. The FitKit sizes are small (300mm seat post, 60mm stem), medium (400mm seat post, 90mm stem) and large (450mm seat post, 120mm stem).

5. Step over height: The low step-over height and long seat post makes the eSwoop easy to adjust and share between riders of varying heights.

6. Thru axle front hub: The thru axle from hub on the Shimano eSwoop offers a stiffer connection of the wheel to the fork which helps with handling heavier loads on the bike. The thru axle hub connects the wheel and fork in a way that makes the wheel much safer and less likely for the axle to come loose. Thru axle hubs are also lighter than quick release wheel hubs.

7. Hydraulic disc brakes: Hydraulic brakes offer more power for braking and they self adjust to keep your brakes powerful as the pads wear.

8. Herrmans front and rear light included: The eSwoop comes ready to ride anytime of day or night with a Herrmans H-Black Pro front light and H-Track rear light.

9. Full metal fenders: Full metal fenders with Xtra-strong mounting points to keep you dry in all conditions. Wide and tough. Built for everyday use.

10. 11 speed SRAM NX11 components: Precise shifting and a clutch rear derailleur give you quick gear changes to get into the right gear for any terrain. Paired with a wide range 11-speed 11 tooth – 42 tooth cassette, no hills will stand in your way.

11. Rear seat braces: Behind the seat tube, there were two new braces that came from the seat tube and attach to the seat stays. This increases rigidity on the back end of the frame.

12. Longtail RearRack: The Longtail RearRack integrates the passenger deck (what the passengers sit on) with the upright rails that hold the deck in place. These two key pieces are one welded together package that is securely held into the frame with RackLocks.

13. Centered rear wheel: The rear derailleur on the eSwoop is off-set inward a few millimeters to make it more centered on the frame. This gives the rear wheel more even spoke tension, making it stronger. The rear wheel is still a quick release (unlike the new front thru axle) since having a thru axle rear-wheel is not as beneficial as a front thru axle wheel hub.

14. FreeLoader Too cargo sling bags: The included sling bags that double up as protective wheelskirts can help you carry what you need to, where you need to carry it. When not in use, they can fold up and out of the way.

15: 20" rear wheel paired with 26" front wheel: The smaller back 20″ wheel on the eSwoop gives the rear passenger area a lower center of gravity which makes for a solid, stable ride. The front wheel is 26", a standard adult bike wheel size.

16: U-Tube footrests: A set of U-Tubes comes included with your eSwoop. These solid metal foot rests give your rear passengers a comfortable place for their feet while offering additional support for cargo in bags.

17. KickBack 3 center kickstand: Load and unload cargo and rear passengers with confidence and ease thanks to the solid and stable dual leg KickBack 3 center kickstand.

Tried and true features we carried over from previous year models

There is a lot we loved about our previous year models and kept on these upgraded eBikes. This includes:

- All Chromoly frame: The EdgeRunner eSwoop frame is made of Chromoly steel, like all Xtracycle EdgeRunner models.
- PorterRack mounts: This bike comes with welded on mounts for the Xtracycle PorterRack, which can be used to carry additional cargo or to carry the custom PorterPack.