Removing / Inserting your Shimano battery

To remove the battery

1. Press the power switch on top of the battery to turn the power OFF.

2. Insert the key into the key cylinder on the battery mount.

3. Turn the key until you feel it release the battery.

4. Slide the top of the battery away from the bike and then pop the battery contacts out of the cradle.

To insert the battery

1. Insert the bottom of the battery first. To do this, align the concave section on the bottom of the battery with the convex section on the battery mount.

2. Once the battery mounts are aligned with the cradle, slide the battery into place until you hear a click.

If the battery is not turning on after charging

There is a Battery Protection Circuit that is engaged when the battery is fully charged. This prevents the battery from overcharging. Shimano states, "If pressing the battery power button does not turn on the LED display, the protection circuit is operating. Connect the battery charger to deactivate the protection circuit". So if you find that your battery doesn't turn the display on, just connect the battery charger until the lights come on and then unplug the charger. If this happens during your next full charge, just repeat the steps to disengage the Battery Protection Circuit.