Removing / Inserting your Bosch battery

Removing and inserting a Bosch e-bike battery can seem a little tricky at first but with a few test runs, you are sure to get a hang of it!

Removing a Bosch battery: To remove a Bosch battery, you will need the ABUS key for that specific cradle (the cradle is the holder on the bike frame that the battery is inserted in to). Insert the key and turn it until you hear the "click" of the locking mechanism unlocking. The top of the battery will pop up slightly once unlocked. Grab the battery by the top handle and tilt it up and out of the cradle. Be sure to remove your keys once done.

Inserting a Bosch battery: To insert your Bosch battery, you do not need your keys since the battery will lock into place when properly inserted. When inserting the battery, first set the battery contacts at the bottom of your battery into the cradle (#9 in the diagram above). Once the contacts are properly seated into the cradle, tilt the battery into the upper holder (#7 in the diagram above). When the battery is full inserted, you will hear a click. Once you hear this click, you want to press firmly down the battery by the handle until you hear a second click. This second click is the lock of the cradle locking the battery into place. To ensure your battery is properly inserted, pull slightly upwards on the handle of the battery to make sure it's locked into place.

A battery that is not properly secured can cause a safety risk since you could hit a bump and the battery could pop off of the bike frame while your bike is moving.

Tips for batteries in cradles that are upside down: Some Bosch bikes have cradles here the battery is installed up into the cradle, underneath the bike frame. These cradles can take a little more practice than the the cradle where the battery rests on top of the bike frame. When removing batteries from these cradles, be sure your hand is resting underneath the battery to catch it when the battery is unlocked.