How to open your Big Box of Happiness

When we say your bike will arrive in a Big Box of Happiness (BBOH) ready-to-ride, we really mean it! After your bike is assembled, inspected, and ready for shipping, it is then packaged for delivery to your front door. Under the box, it is secured to a large cargo bike-sized pallet to ensure safe transport. Your bike is packaged this way in order to help you get rolling ASAP.

A quick important note about delivery: you must be present to sign for your delivery. This ensures that your valuable purchase is delivered directly to you and not left delivered and unattended or delivered to someone other than you. The courier company will call you to schedule a delivery and they will not deliver your bike without an appointment or prior consent for someone other than you to sign for it. Some couriers give a wide window of delivery - i.e. 9am - 5pm - so if you are unable to be at home to receive it, having it delivered at your place of work might be best.

So, how do you open your box once it arrives

IMPORTANT NOTE about unboxing: You we asked by the truck driver to sign a delivery receipt once your bike has been delivered. It is important to make note of any damage the bike might have received during shipment on this receipt before the truck driver leaves. If there is damage to the box or if the box is missing, we would recommend taking a careful look at the bike before signing the delivery receipt.

Here are the best practices we have found for unboxing your new ride.

  1. Before you open your box: See any dents or holes? Note any damage that your actual box may have sustained during transit. Be sure to take photos if there is any substantial damage, as these will be helpful to us if a claim is filed with the shipping company.
  2. On the bottom, where the box meets the pallet, remove the screws and washers with a Phillips head screwdriver. Set aside the screws and washers.
  3. Once the outer box is free, lift the box up to reveal your bike (this is made easier with a buddy). Set the box aside and keep it assembled in the unlikely case that you'd need to return the bike.
  4. Unfasten the tow-straps to partially release your bike from the pallet. These straps are yours to keep and come in handy for lashing down big cargo!
  5. Next, unfasten the zip-ties holding the front and rear wheels in place. If you would like to remove the zip-ties so you can reuse them later, check out how to unlock them without cutting them here.
  6. Remove any padding from the handlebar controls or other parts of the bike, as well as the foam block from the bike's tail piece.
  7. Locate any additional goodies or accessories stowed away on your bike.
  8. Inspect your bike for any potential damage that might have occurred during shipping. If there is damage, document any damage on the delivery receipt. Be sure to also email Xtracycle with pictures and details about the damage. That information can be sent to If there is no damage, move on the step 9.
  9. Adjust the seat to your desired height using a 4 or 5mm (depending on your Xtracycle model) Allen wrench and you're Ready to Ride!