How can I protect my kiddos from rain, snow and sun?

For those riders out there who like to or - let's be honest -  have to ride rain, snow or shine, having a good way to keep the littles extra cozy is a big deal. Here are a few options for keeping kiddos dry in inclement weather:

New or used rain gear
A solid rain coat, rain suit (like a Muddy Buddy) and rain pants can go a long way when it comes to rain protection! This great article from Bike Portland has some great recommendations on gear: My family and I have had great luck in finding high quality rain gear at our local thrift store for a low cost. If you are having trouble sourcing them locally, you can search online sites like eBay, PoshMark or Mercari. 
Pros: Portable, can be stored easily when not in use
Cons: Can be pricey if you can't find the gear used, limited full body protection

A universal moped raincover

This rain cover is available here. If the product is out of stock or the link is no longer working, try searching for "moped rain cover sun shade". These covers are not built for a bike but if you have an Xtracycle with a Hooptie or SnackBars installed, it can be hacked to fit! Be sure to get a cover with sides and rear view mirror mounts since these are needed to attach the cover to your Hooptie or SnackBars. A quick note about this cover: while installation doesn’t take that long, this cover is one you either want to ride with on or off, mostly due to its size when folded down. In order to transport the cover folded down on your bike, you would need to remove the awning and roof struts. And even folded down, the cover isn’t something you can just throw into a bag and carry all the time. When not in use on my bike, we remove the roof and awning struts, fold the cover flat, and store the cover along with the struts and curtains in a place where we can keep it flat. More often than not, we have the cover installed on a bike. 
Pros: More full coverage
Cons: Can be hard to find for sale online, can be costly, must remain on bike and can't be packed down small when out riding, best for shorter and smaller rear passengers

Yuba rear rain cover

At this time, Xtracycle does not offer a custom rear raincover. The good news is our friends over at G&O Family Cyclery have tested the Yuba cover and they say it's a good fit! This cover was tested on an EdgeRunner Swoop with a Hooptie. The Hooptie is required for this to fit. Please note that if riding in wet weather, your rear passenger would need to wear rainproof pants. 

Pros: Easy to source, sturdy 
Cons: Costly, must remain on bike and can't be packed down small when out riding, best for shorter and smaller rear passengers, doesn't cover legs