Yepp Seat Installation on a LT1 version 2 FlightDeck

This guide goes over how to install a Thule Yepp Maxi or Yepp Maxi EasyFit seat on an LT1 version 2 Flight deck. You will need to cut a rectangular hole, referred to as a port, for the Yepp seat base to install into. These decks are typically used for FreeRadicals, Radishes, Cargo Joes, and older EdgeRunners.  This guide only applies to the LT1 version 2 FlightDeck. Before you read one, please ensure you have this deck. For more details on deck identification, see this guide here.

What child seats WILL work with the LT1 version 2 FlightDeck?

The Thule Yepp Maxi (previously called the Yepp MaxiEasy Fit) meant for rear bike racks is the only seat that is compatible. Notice the gray knob under the seat:


What child seats will NOT work with the LT1 version 2 FlightDeck?

The Thule Yepp Maxi for bike seat posts and the Thule Nexxt Maxi (for rear racks or bike seat posts) will NOT work on this deck. The easiest way to tell a bike seat post Yepp is the large grey post that extends in front of the seat. The easiest way to tell a Nexxt Maxi is the absence of the big grey EasyFit box and grey knob under the seat.


Where should I cut the port if I’m only installing one Yepp seat?

If riding with only one child in a Yepp seat, the front position, closest to the rider and on the wider half of the deck, is best to maintain balance. If riding with an older child on the deck and a younger child in a Yepp seat, the rearmost position and on the more narrow end of the deck is best for the Yepp seat. Keeping the weight as centered as possible on your cargo bike is a great way to keep the bike balanced and easier to handle. So you want to keep heavier things on the rear deck closest to the rider.  

When I remove the Yepp, can a child still ride on top of the deck with the port cut?

The deck will still be usable even with the port cutout if a MagicCarpet padded seat cushion is installed over the deck. This will both cover the hole and provide a comfortable place for passengers to sit on the back deck.


Hardware needed for installation

  • One or two Thule Yepp Maxi or Yepp Maxi EasyFit seats
  • LT1 version 2 FlightDeck
  • Eight SuperHooks
  • 4 mm allen wrench
  • Sharp knife, like a box cutter or utility knife

Instructions for cutting the Yepp port

Instructions for installing the Yepp seat