September Cargo Bike Party Rally & Ride!

Join us in the East Bay for a Cargo Bike Party Rally & Ride on Saturday, September 23!

>>Richmond Marina Ride (North Berkeley BART to The Backyard, Richmond)

Calling all cargo bikers, family-cargo bikers, and cargo-curious riders! We all know there's little better than cruising through town and along trails with our big beautiful bikes, kids + gear in tow, off to somewhere great. But what's better than that, you say? A BUNCH of big beautiful bikes riding together through town and trails to a great destination!

Xtracycle invites you and whatever bike you have – longtail, midtail, front-loader, trailer, roadbike, unicycle, pennyfarthing… – for a fun family-friendly daytime ride. After all, every bike is carrying something!

When: Saturday September 23rd – 10:45 am rally/11:15 roll-out
Where: North Berkeley BART (lower lot) to The Backyard food truck & beer garden, Richmond
What: 14 MILE Loop ride with a stop for lunch & playtime @ The Backyard
Bring: BYOBike, helmets, snacks, water, layers, picnic blanket, etc. Bring friends & make new ones!

Special Note: This will be a Looooong Ride! Adult riders should have no problem (especially the e-bike equipped). But kids will get tuckered out before we get to our destination. This is a good ride to set expectations with your little rider and plan to load them on a big bike when they need a break.