Get started on a cargo bike: You won't look back

The world of cargo biking is a funny thing. I imagine it as this magical world beyond a heavy door – a door that has been there my whole life but that I never noticed because it hidden behind the crawling vines of a car-centric society.

Then one day, a mom friend of mine got this thing called an Xtracycle to haul around her kiddos and suddenly, the vines fell down and right there in front of me, I finally saw this door. I crouched down and took a peek through the beaming keyhole and could see the possibilities.

Family rides to picnic dinners and outdoor movies, exploring local trails with my child on board, having the freedom to go wherever I needed whether I had a car at my disposal or not, exploring new cities and places from a bike saddle, seeing an awesome curb-side find while out riding and being able to take it home with me. I wanted to join this incredible place, and I knew the way to get there. All I needed was a key, and for my family, that key was an Xtracycle EdgeRunner.

An Xtracycle on a hill at sunset

My life was transformed by biking with my family, and the funny thing is, I had no idea what I was missing until I started envisioning myself being a part of that world. As the wind whipped through my hair and my ears rang with the hoots and hollers of an ecstatic back passenger, I knew this was it. This was the door I had been looking for all my life.

We want to help folks see themselves in this world — a beautiful world full of everyday adventure, priceless memories and unforgettable experiences. With this here blog, we will be sharing tips, tricks, DIY hacks, product news, riding-with-kids pro tips, dealer spotlights, safety tips, you name it. If it builds up this incredible cargo biking community and helps open the door for others, we aim to share it.

While Xtracycle is a bike company selling bikes, as a customer-turned-employee — whose life would look completely different had I not discovered the joy of cargo biking — I can attest that Xtracycle is so much more than that. We want to chop down the vines blocking your view to this hidden door and give you the key. Are your ready to turn it?

Ride on!