Must watch "Motherload" cargo bike doc bonus clips!

Have y’all seen the bonus extras Liz shared from the upcoming cargo bike documentary, Motherload?! While all the clips are amazing and inspiring and Just. So. Good. there was one that really pulled at the heart strings of the Xtra team. This film and the love Liz has poured into telling the stories of the cargo biking community as a whole truly radiates through this short 3 minute clip of the Flores family. Before we let any spoilers slip, take a look:

Chills, right?! It was stories just like these that, when I first heard about cargo biking and started looking into it about 6 years ago, had me thinking “I want in on THAT.”

This clip and heck, the Motherload trailer, strike such a personal chord with me. What inspires and ignites me here on the Xtracycle team and as a cycling advocate in my personal life is thinking about people just like me, but the me before I even knew what cargo bikes were. The me whose life was about to be changed in such a monumental way that it would never be the same. The me just waiting for someone to plant that seed of change. Then one day, the spark of inspiration hit me and my eyes opened.

“Woah. You can ride your bike with a kid like that?!” (That spark was ignited by a friend who sold her car and got this thing called an Xtracycle “cargo bike”). Once I saw the possibilities of a family biking life – by watching Liz’s videos, searching for cargo bike hash tags, reading blogs like Family Ride, seeing all the inspiring pictures of people carrying kids, kayaks, dogs, you name it on their bikes – I knew it. This was it. This is what I had been missing and unconsciously searching for. And what made all the difference to a me new to this whole cycling community was how the digital cargo biking family immediately welcomed me with open arms.

They didn’t care that I was cargo biking with a $30 thrift store bike and WeeHoo trailer or that I started out with the humble goal of biking to places within a two mile radius of my house, saving the car for longer trips. In online spaces, they celebrated with me when I brought my first load of groceries home in my backpack, they cheered me on as I set new goals and got stronger and more confident, they problem solved with me when I ran into a snag or couldn’t figure out a route. The same community that had the Flores family’s back is the one that welcomed me into this amazing world of family biking.

This clip from Liz captures the spirit of this priceless cargo biking community so incredibly well. I am so friggin’ jazzed to know that this film is going to get the idea of biking as transportation and biking with your kids in front of more people who might not even know bikes can be used in these incredible ways.

We’ll certainly keep y’all posted as the film gets closer to its launch date but in the meantime, here are some ways you can support a film that is destined to get more folks out there riding with us in the bike lanes: