Maybe we don't need that second car?

Recently, our friend Steven told us about an epic haul and adventure he had by Xtracycle. We wanted to share his story with you because you might be in the same place he used to be, skeptical of what he would do by bike. Thinking he needed a second car to make trips and pick up stuff on your way. Little did he know, he was a hero all along and the experience changed him for the better. Read his story here:

I try my best to do a run around lunch every day. It gets me out, and it helps clear my head halfway through the day. On this particular run, I saw a sign for an estate sale along my route, and popped because you never know what you might find. Well, intermixed between old books and woven baskets, I found a pristine condition stereo receiver I’d be looking for, at a steal of a price. The problem was not only was I only a run and wasn’t hauling that 50lb box the mile back home, my wife and I share a single car, and she had the car for the day. Luckily I had my Xtracycle.

I asked them to hold the item for me, ran back home, and returned with my Xtracycle. The look of disbelief was plain on their faces when I was asked “You’re really going to take that home on your bike?”, but that was turned into looks of amazement as I quickly placed it in the Hooptie and strapped it down with a single tie down (which came with my Ready to Ride shipped bike)! Even with 50lbs balanced somewhat awkwardly on the back, I only had a little bit of wobbling as I pushed off, and then the riding was smooth sailing the mile or so back to my house. You couldn’t even tell this weight was on the back of the bike, other than the looks I got from the cars sharing the road.

This was my first real heavy duty haul with my Xtracycle, and it performed beautifully. Maybe we don’t need that second car?

Have you made an epic haul by bike that changed your view on needing a second car? Let us know below! We’d love to hear about it!