Look who's talkin' about the RFA

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“Xtracycle gets you ready for anything with the future-proof RFA e-cargo bike”

With ever-changing standards, we see the term “future-proof” thrown around a fair bit these days. When Xtracycle uses it referring to their new RFA (Ready For Anything) cargo e-bike, however, they’re talking about the number of potential uses you could use the bike for. Commuter? Check. Kid carrier? Check. Tour and camp-mobile? You got it. Add in a Bosch electric assist motor, and you’ve got an incredibly capable long-term investment.

“The Xtracycle RFA e-bike ‘will never become obsolete.'”

But there is one thing I am pretty certain about, and that is that electric bikes are the future, that for many people they will do much of what cars are doing now, from hauling kids to shopping to whatever. After testing the Surly Big Easy and seeing what people could carry on it, I became convinced not only that e-bikes will eat cars, but that cargo bikes will eat SUVs. And it looks like the Xtracycle RFA could eat anything and adapt to anything.

“Xtracycle’s new electric bicycle morphs between regular bike & stretched cargo bike”

But now the company is going one step further with their new Ready For Anything (RFA) electric bike that can easily switch from a standard e-bike to a cargo e-bike.

Cargo electric bicycles are great. As someone who gave up on cars a long time ago and gets around the city entirely on two wheels, cargo e-bikes are a gift from the heavens.

They can haul a lot of the big and bulky stuff that most people wouldn’t even consider putting on a standard bicycle. They can fit weeks worth of groceries and be used to carpool multiple kids to school.

“Xtracycle RFA is new ‘future-proof’ e-utility bike”

The RFA is equipped with Xtracycle’s patent-pending DynamicDrops rear dropout system and is available with a wide array of add-on components. DynamicDrops allow the bike to have two distinct wheel positions for the rear wheel. In “short mode” it has the wheelbase of a standard bicycle, and a zippy, agile feel. In “long mode,” the bike is a full mid-tail cargo bike able to carry two children and four panniers.

“City bike or cargo bike: Future-proof Xtracycle RFA ebike adapts to your needs”

RFA’s dual-position wheelbase enables its core design concept. By changing the wheelbase and picking from a selection of add-on components, you can transform the ebike from a short-frame sport bike to a longer-frame utility bike. An agile, short wheelbase pedal-assist ebike sports model isn’t the right ride to carry a couple of kids and cargo. The RFA ebike adapts as your needs change.

“City bike or cargo bike: Future-proof Xtracycle RFA ebike adapts to your needs”

You don’t need to buy everything at once, which helps to keep the ebike’s initial cost lower. Start with the bike configured in Sport Mode or Utility Mode. Later on, as your needs change, you can purchase what you need to switch to the other mode.