Healthy Parenting Tips for Busy Parents

As a remote working, homeschooling parent, the struggle to find a sustainable work-life balance is too real. Having been in this industry for 20 years, I really appreciated Xtracycle’s CEO and founder, Ross Evans, sharing some basic healthy parenting tips with our team recently. Be your job in an office or in the home (Hello, stay at home parents! Your work is priceless and SO appreciated!), I wanted to share these tips here with you per chance they strike some resonance.

“My healthy parenting tips for busy parents can be summed up in 3 basic points:

1) Stop consuming (or dramatically reduce) “news”/media and reallocate that time to your kids, family, meals, discussions, adventures, collaborations (and “self care” – meditation, exercise, sleep – that makes all of the above better quality).

2) Pay attention to what your kids love and focus the talents (unique
abilities) that have helped you succeed at work to explore and deepen into their interests.

3) As much as possible, physically shuttle your kids by bike or on your back (or walk/ride together with older kids). ie Making a game and activity – that you do together – out of the mundane/ordinary “taxi” routine, is like finding a hidden pocket of gold – every day. And it happens in NET (No Extra Time). You healthfully move your body without having to allocate scarce time to “working out”.

– Ross Evans”