What's in the bag? - Zack's EdgeRunner tool kit

The way I see it, if you’re riding a cargo bike – there’s little reason to NOT carry an extensive and well-curated repair kit. While there’s nothing wrong with your typical flat-fix kit, the piece of mind I gain by carrying everything I might need for my bike (or even a friend’s) in my EdgeRunner toolkit, is well worth the effort and small bit of space it takes up. I carry my pump and tubes in this Road Runner frame bag (which is sized to fit pretty universally on a variety of frame types) and the rest in a tool roll clipped under my saddle rails.
roadrunner frame bag

Whether you’re running out for groceries or beginning an epic cargo tour, here are my choice of tools and some Xtracycle-specific pointers to help you begin putting together your handy-dandy long tail repair kit.

Edgerunner Tool kit Extended Edition!

– Pump: I like a slim yet powerful pump and this Crank Bros Klic HV (High Volume) fits the ticket. It fills my big tires fairly quickly without breaking a sweat. Also has a built in tire gauge which comes in handy for dialing in my tire pressure. I sometimes adjust my rear tire pressure depending on what I’m carrying. For example, I might air down slightly if I want to give something a soft and well-cushioned ride then air up to the tire’s max PSI when carrying heavy loads like an adult passenger (or two).

– Tubes: Two wheel sizes means two tube sizes. For the Edgerunner, I’ll carry a 20 and 26 inch. If I’m feeling lucky or ultra-light, I’ll substitute the two tubes for more patches.

– Patches: A variety of glued and glue-less patches, don’t forget your sandpaper!

– Multi tool: Another great Crank Bros product, includes a chain tool and most tools you’d need for quick adjustments you may need to make.

– Loose 3,4, 5mm Allen Keys: While these may seem redundant if you’re carrying a multi-tool, loose tools not attached to a bulky multi-tool handle can prove invaluable when it comes to tightening and adjusting the hardware on the rear end of your long tail. In case you haven’t noticed, things can get a little crowded back there. Need to tighten or remove a pair of U-Tubes? Good luck fitting a multi-tool between the KB3’s spring and the front U-Tube set screw on the non-drive side of the bike. Trust me, its tough.

– 8, 9, 10mm wrench: Again, for long tail or other accessory-specific adjustments. The nuts on your tail piece require a 10mm wrench (along with a 4mm Allen Key). Depending on your choice of accessories you may find the 8 and 9mm handy as well.

– Tire Levers: Another tool kit standard – I like these Pedro’s levers, they’re strong and relatively cheap, plus they come in lots of fun colors!

– Disc True / Bottle Opener: handy in the unlikely case of a bent rotor, or in the more likely case of needing to open a beverage.

Not pictured: Extra Lock, Assorted straps and bungee cables, Battery key (for eBikes only)

EdgeRunner toolkit

Zack is the Xtracycle Assembly and Production Lead and expert on all things bike maintenance.