Cycles of Change Bike-a-Thon

by Dee Jackson


The sun was shining, the air abuzz with the excitement of spinning bicycle wheels. That was the scene at the recent Cycles of Change Bike-a-Thon. A fundraiser, but it was also a celebration of community, sustainability, and the joy of cycling.

From our booth at the amphitheater, we had a front-row seat to the action. About 50 people from all walks came together, united by their love for bikes and collective energy. Music filled the air, laughter bounced off the lake, and the smell of freshly blended smoothies (thanks to a clever bike-powered blender) provided much needed sustenance for the crowd.


 Bike-blended smoothies were a refreshing hit!


When the ride kicked off, it was a sight to see. A vibrant train of cyclists circled the lake, from seasoned riders to enthusiastic newcomers, all cheering each other on. Caught up in the excitement, our Xtracycle team joined in, cranking out 12 laps during the hour-long ride. But it wasn't about the numbers – it was about sharing the message of cycling advocacy and education, as well as the new connections we made along the way.


As Team Xtracycle, we were proud to contribute $200 to the cause. And we were even more thrilled to learn that collectively, the event raised an impressive $7,500 for the continuation of Cycles of Change's fantastic programs.

Between laps, we couldn't help but notice the buzz around our cargo bikes. Eyes wide as people imagined the possibilities – grocery runs, kid transport, maybe even hauling camping gear. It was great to witness those "aha" moments as folks realized how a bike could completely enhance their daily routines. 


 We love the 'wow-factor' of showing off the world of cargo-biking


By day's end, we were tired but exhilarated. We'd been part of something special – an event that reminded us why we fell in love with cycling in the first place. It wasn't just about raising money. It was about lifting spirits, spreading awareness, and bringing a community together – one pedal stroke at a time.

Jamie feeling the spirit of a great day biking for a cause