Science says "Breath easier in the bike lane"

Dontcha just love when science and facts got your back? This is how I felt when a recent team member shared The Guardian article “Cyclists ‘exposed to less air pollution than drivers’ on busy routes”. I’ll be honest – I always assumed I as exposing myself to more pollutants when riding my Xtra in the bike lane than motorists just by being more out in the open. According to these numbers, particle per minute exposure while on a bike is higher than commuting in a car but because your commute on a bike tends to be much less than car time, the actually aggregate particle exposure is lower. And if you are taking those quiet neighborhood streets instead of the main roads, you’re in for even easier breathing.

So be sure to add this little factoid to your “life is better by bike” tool belt so you have a little extra data to back you up for taking the bike lane.

the guardian bike lane