26" Biologic Joule Front Dynamo Disc Wheel

This 26″ dynamo wheel features a Biologic Joule 3 dynamo hub to power your lights no matter how long the journey. Powered by one of the lightest, most efficient hub dynamo on the market, the BioLogic sets the standard for efficiency, compactness and style with the Joule 3. Rotor and Tire NOT included. Fits most legacy Edgerunner models with a 26" front wheel.

The wheel is built on a 32 hole double-wall Alex DM-300 rim. The front hub has 100 mm QR spacing. The double butted spokes are 14/15/14g.

Dynamo hub technical specifications:

  • 73% generator efficiency — one of the most efficient
  • Lightest hub version weighs only 356 g
  • One of the lowest drag of all dynamo hubs
  • Ultra-compact, super-lightweight design
  • German StVZO compliant (6V, 3W)

$350.00 $175.00