Your Xtracycle needs some love

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You’re Xtracycle is your transportation, your getaway vehicle, and your noble steed. We get it. We’ll take care of it like it was our own.

See the service and parts cost lists here.

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Service & Parts Costs:

Basic Tune-Up$50Brake Check and Alignment
Gear Adjustment
Safety Check
Comprehensive Tune-Up$150Full Tune Up
Chain Cleaning
Brake Alignment and Pad Replacement
Full Safety Check-Up
Flats – rear tire$20
Flats – front tire$10
Replace tire / tube$20
Wheel true$30
Spoke replacement$20
Install Hydraulic Disc Brake$50 each
Install Mechanical Disc Brake$40 each
Adjust Brake Front or Back$25 each
Bleed Hydraulic Brake$40 each
Adjust Mechanical or Cantilever Brakes$20
Install Hooptie Brackets / Rails / Snack Bars$40
Install Kickstand$30
Install PorterRack$25
Install U-Tubes$20
Install RFA FootRests$25
Install Yepp Adapters (EdgeRunner)$40
Install Yepp Seat$20

Install Cassette$40
Install Chain$25
Install Front Chainring$30
Install Cassette, Chain & Front Chain Ring$85
Install Derailleur$30
Install Shifter$30
Drivetrain Cleaning$75
Adjust Derailleur – Front or Rear$30
Derailleur Hanger Alignment$40
Install Derailleur Cable$25

Front end
Install Headset$35
Overhaul Headset$35

All other service
$100 / hour

Shimano B01S Resin Pads$15
Shimano G04/E10S Metal Brake Pads$25
Magura Storm HC ROTOR (6 bolt)$40
SRAM Centrelock 180mm Rotor$45
8 Speed Chain$30
9 Speed Chain$40
10 Speed Chain (KMC)$50
11 Speed Chain (KMC)$60
Shimano Shift Inner Cable$12
Derailleur Cable Housing$20
11-42 Cassette (S-Ride)$75
Inner Tube$10
Big Ben 20” Tire$35
Big Ben 26” Tire$40
24” Maxxis Hookworm$40
24” Crazy Bob$35