Which model of EdgeRunner is right for me?

Not sure which EdgeRunner to buy? Confused about the differences between each model? We’re here to help. While every EdgeRunner model has the same massive cargo-carrying capability and 20" rear wheel that keeps the center of gravity low, each model caters to a different need. Read on to understand what sets each EdgeRunner apart from its fellows.


Mechanical Bikes

EdgeRunner Swoop and Classic

When it comes to quality and components, the EdgeRunner Swoop and Classic are nearly identical. The main difference between the bike frames is that the Swoop has our lowest step-over-height yet (of 18.5") whereas the Classic maintains our classic EdgeRunner frame geometry. Both the ER Swoop and Classic come with a lightweight Chromoly steel frame, made super rigid and rock solid with upgrades like our new WeddingRings, seat stay struts and thru axle front fork. A 27 gear Shimano drivetrain gives a full range of gears to tackle any terrain and the Shimano BL-M396 hydraulic brakes provide unbeatable breaking power in all riding conditions. Cushy Big Ben tires, ergonomic handlebars and grips and a comfort saddle make for a comfortable ride. For more details on the upgrades as compared to previous model bikes, check out the article written on this very subject, found here. Comes stock with: WheelSkirts and a KickBack 3. Available in: glossy teal or matte black with black spec. See full product details for the EdgeRunner Swoop and Classic here.


EdgeRunner D and i

Our 2015 model year mechanical cargo bikes come in four different models: the 24D, 27D, and 30D, and the 11i. The “D” stands for derailleur, the “i” is for internally geared, and the number indicates how many speeds the bike has.


Weighing in at about 60 pounds with a Chromoly and Hi-Tensile steel frame and fork, this bike is ready for anything you throw at it (or on it). Tektro Aquila disc brakes give great stopping power, and a Shimano drivetrain provides 24 gears to get you up steep hills with heavy loads. Wide CST City Tires and a roomy saddle ensure the ride is comfortable. Only a few still available in white. (no longer available)

27D (Sold out - Retired)

A step up from the 24D, the 27D features a 100% Chromoly steel frame, and ergonomic grips. Formula hubs with sealed cartridge bearings make this bike’s wheels reliable and easy to service. It’s lighter than the 24D, and has 27 speeds on a Shimano Acera drivetrain, so you can bring the kitchen sink without giving it a second thought. And your Avid BB-7 disc brakes will ensure you can still stop quickly and reliably. Schwalbe Big Ben Tires with reflective sidewalls provide excellent flat protection, and will keep you on the road for miles and miles. (no longer available)

30D (Sold out - Retired)

The cream of the crop when it comes to our mechanical bikes, the EdgeRunner 30D is the lightest EdgeRunner, and another step up from the 27D. It features an all-Chromoly frame and fork and a Shimano Deore drivetrain. Shimano Deore Hydraulic brakes provide superior stopping power, no matter how heavy the load. Ergon GP1-S grips will save high-mileage cyclists from sore wrists, and Formula hubs with sealed cartridge bearings will keep hub maintenance to a minimum (and make it easy to deal with when the time comes). With a full 30 speeds at your disposal, there’s no limit to where you can go or what you can carry. (no longer available)


The Xtracycle Euro-inspired city bike. This bike comes fully equipped with everything you need for commuting in the city at all hours. An integrated dynamo-powered lighting system means you never have to remember to bring lights with you. Full-coverage fenders keep you dry when you’re tearing through puddles on the way to work. An 11-speed Shimano Alfine hub allows you to take on hills with heavy loads, and shift down while stopped at intersections. With all the gears sealed safely inside the hub, you’ll never have to worry about a bent derailleur or a gunked up chain keeping you off the road. Comes stock with: Wheel Skirts, LT3 KickBack. Available in: glossy black or magenta with chrome spec. See full product details.


Electric Bikes

Once we established the design for our longtail mechanical bikes, it seemed like a no-brainer to create a version with an electric assist. A cargo bike with pedal assist can do almost everything your car does, and the EdgeRunner with Bosch mid-drive motor will probably replace your car once you get in the habit of choosing the bike for daily errands. These both come with a Performance Line Bosch mid-drive pedal assist.

A note about pedal assist: these electric bikes don’t have a throttle. Instead, sensors inside the drive unit engage the assist the moment you start pedaling, and shut it off the second you stop. What this means is that this bike rides like a normal bike. But you’ll feel like a career athlete/superhero when you’re riding it.


With 8 speeds and a Chromoly and Hi-Tensile steel frame, the EdgeRunner 8e is ready to grow with you. Tektro Aquila disc brakes give great stopping power, and a Shimano Altus drivetrain allows smooth shifting through all 8 gears. The Bosch Performance line mid-drive pedal assist ensures that 8 speeds is all you’ll ever need on this bike. Wide tires and an Xtracycle “Xtra-Comfort” saddle ensure a smooth, comfortable ride. Comes stock with: Wheel Skirts, LT3 KickBack. Available in glossy teal with chrome spec. (no longer available)


One of our best-sellers, the 10e sets the standard for electric cargo bikes across the board. Its 100% Chromoly steel frame is strong, light, and shock absorbent, and it’s outfitted with quality, reliable components. Shimano Deore hydraulic brakes easily handle the weight and power of a fully-loaded EdgeRunner 10e. Formula sealed cartridge bearing hubs are easy to service, and wide, comfy Schwalbe Big Ben tires with reflective sidewalls and RaceGuard act as your bikes insurance - they’ll keep you highly visible and flat tire-free. Comes stock with: Wheel Skirts, LT3 KickBack. Available in glossy teal with black spec. (no longer available)