Bosch Battery Range Calculator

Looking for an easy way to guess-timate your Bosch battery range before you head out for your daily errands or adventures? Take a look at the Bosch eBike Range Assistant:

Please note that this calculator should only be used for the now retired line of Bosch powered Xtracycle's. This calculator should not be used for Shimano powered Xtracycles.

Bosch ebike range

Here are some tips on customizing the Range Calculator to work for your Xtracycle:

Rider tab: total weight A cargo bike is understandably heavier than a non-cargo bike so including that weight in the total weight will give you the most accurate range estimate. An electric EdgeRunner set up with a KickBack, Bosch system and 1 battery roughly weighs: 63 lb. Add 6 lb. to get the most accurate estimated weight for your bike, check out the bike and accessory weight chart here.
eBike tab Drive: Choose from one of the Performance Line options.

Battery: Choose the PowerPack size that is on your bike.

Type of bicycle: Select the "cargo bike" option.

Tire tread: City bike tires are the closest to Schwalbe tires on Bosch powered Xtracycles.
Environment tab We always assume our terrain and wind conditions will be worse than we anticipate. It's better to under estimate your range and be wrong than over estimate your range and be wrong!

Keep in mind - as Bosch notes on the Assistant page - “the calculated data comprises estimates and approximations that may vary from the actual result. The precise data will vary, depending on the type of use and the external influences. Furthermore, no liability will be accepted for the correctness of the determined values.”