Xtracycle Matchmaker Fit Check Meet-Up

You’ve done all the research you can. You’ve read every page on our website, every blog post, and taken our Matchmaker Survey. What do you do from here? Does your recommended bike “fit” you?

Matchmaker Fit Check Meet Up

Lucky for you, we’ve thought ahead to help you out. We are glad to introduce the new Xtracycle Matchmaker Fit Check Meet-Up. We’ve put together a 20 point checklist that makes sure that the bike that you’ve been recommended fits you just right. From your height to your riding history, we cover it all to make sure that when your bike is built, you can hop on and start your first adventure. The best part is that you’ll be personally in touch with one of our cargo bike experts who will walk you through the process over the phone. We also reserve time to make sure that you can ask any questions you might have and we can answer them for you. After the call, we’ll send you a full report on the call so you can make any changes you’d like.

Our Matchmaker program (Matchmaker Survey and Matchmaker Fit Check Meet-Up) is designed to make sure that you are choosing the right bike for you whether it is one of ours or not. Schedule your meet-up below!