Willard's FreeRadical Leap converted recumbent trike

(2021 Update: Please note that the Xtracycle Leap conversion kit is retired and no longer in production. For tips on how to buy one used or to answer any other potential questions you may have about the Leap, please view this page here.)

When we say the FreeRadical Leap kit is adaptable to a wide range of bikes, we mean it. Case in point, this magical unicorn of a FreeRadical Leap converted recumbent trike recently sent in to us by its lucky owner, Willard. He let us know that this is a Trident Transport beefy 24″ upgraded tires and, thanks to the Leap kit, a gravel grinder of a 29+ tire on the back. Word on the street is this baby cruises easily at about 14 mph on flat ground. Talk about comfort, practicality and cargo carrying capacity!

I’ve said it a million times but it bears repeating – cargo bike riders are seriously some of the most creative and tenacious folks out there!

xtracycle leap recumbent trike

xtracycle leap recumbent trike

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