The Timeless Magic of Children's Fairyland

Quick heads up: This post is in no way sponsored. As a parent trying to slow down and be more mindful, and as an artist who appreciates the effort and talent put into utilitarian art, I fell in love so hard for Children’s Fairyland and can’t help but sing its praises!

children's fairyland oakland

If you live in or are planning a visit the Oakland area (home to Xtracycle headquarters!), stepping into the enchanted gates of Children’s Fairyland on Lake Merritt is an adventure that shouldn’t be passed up! Easily accessed via bike in the east Bay, this magical land is readily enjoyed by tot, grown kid or adult alike for just $12/person admission (kiddos under 1 are free). As a kitsch loving parent to a kitsch loving child, I was super thrilled to have the opportunity to walk through the enchanted gates of this sweet little oasis.

I also really appreciate how Children’s Fairyland actively betters the local community by providing low cost entertainment that exposes children to visual and performance art in a fun and engaging way. This 501(c)3 certified non-profit has such a humble and critically important mission: “to be a magical fantasy world where young children can create, imagine, play, and learn.” YES!

And a quick note if you want to visit soon: Currently Children’s Fairyland is upping their enchantment game for the holiday season – holiday themed puppet theater performances, twinkling lights aplenty, holidays themed crafts, you name it. For more details on Fairy Winterland, check out the details on their site!

children's fairyland oakland

Before stopping by for a visit of your own, take a moment to read up on the history of Fairyland which is fascinating and a true testament to the timelessness of this sweet little place, insulated from the bustling city outside its walls. It’s ties to Walt Disney are also fascinating.

On my recent visit, I took a nearly 11 year old kiddo and we both had a blast. By the time we had to leave, she was begging to stay. We had so much fun enjoying the magic and puppet shows, story tunnels, slides, and gentle rides. Every turn through this park is a treat for the eyes and the spirit. It’s just so darn cute! Gah! I mean, look at who greets you at the gate when you walk in? We could’t stop sqweeing in delight at all the adorableness.

children's fairyland oakland

And as a gardener myself, I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful landscaping. The park was busting with flowers which to me immediately I’m like “This place is a haven for pollinators!” Don’t you just love when humans and animals can co-exist?

children's fairyland flowers

children's fairyland dragon

pumpkin coffee shop

As a studio art major and appreciator of all things handmade, I couldn’t help but notice that every single sign was hand painted. I loved the charm this added to something as simple an informative sign. It also adds this real personal touch since I can visualize the artist designing the sign, picking out the font, painting the background, sketching on the letters, and painstaking painting each detail. Each sign in itself is it’s own story!

children's fairyland oakland

children's fairyland oakland

So if you’re lookin’ for something fun to do in the Oakland area to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and just enjoy your afternoon through the eyes of a kiddo, Children’s Fairyland is a must.