Rascal Rides Reviews the EdgeRunner

Kristen and her family over at Rascal Rides review our EdgeRunner bike an take it through the paces. She goes through the bike top to bottom and gives her take. She also takes it on some adventures and giver her impressions. Our favorite quote from the article:

“Of all the longtails I have tried, the Edgerunner feels the most “like a bike”: it is zippy, peppy, and smooth. And, most importantly, it is so completely functional with lots of accessories available to help it meet your various needs.”

That has always been our goal and why we chose the longtail design from the get go. It rides just like a normal bicycle when it is loaded on unloaded and it is easy for people to adapt to it quickly. the EdgeRunner line specifically pioneered the 20in rear wheel with a 26in front to make sure that the rear load was closer to the ground for stability. We’ve been innovating since day one with our EdgeRunner design and we’ve continued to improve this year with the Swoop frame. We’ve made the first step through long tail cargo bike to make sure it is easy to get on and off. Read the review here:

Rascal Rides: Xtracycle Edgerunner Cargo Bike Review