"Raising Riders" on the Baja Divide and Beyond

Recently I came upon the short film “Raising Riders” narrated by 10 year old Koby Clark, an experienced cyclist who recently completed the 1700 mile long Baja divide with his family. I was so inspired by the Clark family’s story and I loved that this film honored Koby’s experience and voice. So many stories in the adventure and cycling community are told from the perspective of an adult. I really appreciate it when the voices of children are honored and shared – it helps us adults to see things through their eyes and it helps to show children watching that their voices deserve respect and our time and attention too!

The “Raising Riders” is about 15 minutes long and it’s a great watch for all age:

I thought it couldn’t get better than the video until I visited the family’s site. I love how vulnerable and honest Dan Clark is in his story telling of his adventures. You can read his story about the Baja Divide trip here. You can learn more about their various adventure projects on their website here.

And just a friendly reminder in case anyone is feeling the FOMO after watching, while family adventures can be 1,700 miles and months long, they don’t have to be! Check out Adventure Cycling’s page about bike overnights or Cass Gilbert’s write up on a local family bikepacking trip in New Mexico using his FreeRadical Leap converted cargo bike.