When play imitates life: Playmobil bike sets

As an imaginative kid, I adored Playmobil sets. Granted, all the tiny parts are a nightmare for those with little ones who might find them palatable, but as an older kiddo, I found all the attention to detail absolutely delightful as opposed to delicious. It’s like the set creators looked at real life and literally tried to captured the inanimate details in tony toy form. Now that I’m all grown up and my life revolves around cargo biking, I see that nearly every detail of life as a cyclo-centric family is also reflected in many Playmobil bike sets.

playmobil bike

Providing kiddos with toys that reflect their lives is a great way to build up self confidence and help them to see that living a life that includes bikes as transportation is normal. Play is crucial to a child’s cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being and seeing themselves and their lives reflected in their toys has a huge impact.

Before I dive in, I wanted to mention that while Playmobil excels at capturing the inanimate details in life, it severely lacks in reflecting the actual people in an accurate way, something I hope they change over time. Most of these kits only include white characters and the options for single characters of other skin colors is limited on the Playmobil site. While we wait for Playmobil to step up their game, there are ways to work around this. If you search “Playmobil figures” on eBay, you’ll find many lots that include a wide range of characters to pick from. And don’t forget to drop Playmobil a line on their website asking them to be more mindful in reflecting people of all cultures in their line up.

So let’s get in to what bikes sets are available! While available online, other purchasing options I like to explore are thrift stores, used toy shops (like Once Upon a Child) or eBay. If I have no luck finding them secondhand, I’ll then reach out to locally owned toy stores if possible. Online links are included here for ease. This post is in no way sponsored, I just love cute toys, especially those that help my kiddo to see that biking as a family is cool and normal 😉

These Playmobil bike sets are current and readily available:

Biking Trip ($15 – Item number 9155)

As a bike camping mama myself, I love that this set includes an adult female setting out solo with two kiddos. And how cute is that little butane stove?!

playmobil bike 9155

Slimer with Hot Dog Stand ($20 – Item number 9222)

Ghostbusters AND cargo biking? Yes, please! The front box bike in this set does a great job of showing kiddos that bikes can and are used as utilitarian vehicles. What bike based business will their little minds dream up?

playmobil bike 9222

Bike with Child’s Trailer ($7 – Item number 6388)

I bet this set speaks to many EdgeRunning and other cargo biking families! This is the set up many families start out with when they start exploring family biking.

playmobil bike 6388

Bike and Skate Shop ($45 – Item number 9402)

playmobil bike 9402

Ice cream man with bicycle ($18 – Item number 9426)

Could it get any sweeter than ice cream AND bikes?! I love that this set reflects the utilitarian capabilities of bikes.

playmobil bike 9426

Family Picnic Carry Case ($15 – Item number 9103)

I love the little cargo trike in this set!

playmobil bike 9103

These Playmobil bike sets are retired so keep an eye out in thrift stores, on eBay or your local toy store.

Children with Crossing Guard Set (Item 5571)

playmobil bike 5571

Biker and Hikers (Item number 9129)

playmobil bike 9129

Bike Stand and Shopper (3203-B)

playmobil bike 3203-B

Handyman with Bike (4791)

playmobil bike 4791

Mountain Bike BMX (3712)

playmobile bike

Victorian pretzel bike (5506)

playmobil bike 5506

Victorian Flower Seller (5300)

playmobil bike 5300