Outside Mag's Last Minute Gifts for Cyclists

If giving gifts during the holidays is your thing, it’s not too late to still stun that cyclist on your gift list. Outside Magazine has a wonderful Low Budget Gift Guide for your Favorite Cyclist. The tone should be read with a grain of salt close at hand 😉 That said, it has some super recommendations for practical gifts with purpose!

This one had to be my favorite!

“The Gift of Smugness ($25 and Up)

This may blow your mind, but lots of people work really hard to make cycling better for the rest of us, and despite what you may have heard they’re not all underwritten by George Soros. Does your mountain biker support IMBA? Is your bike commuter a member of the local advocacy group? If not, make a modest donation on their behalf, or buy an item that benefits them. Bikes Not Bombs, World Bicycle Relief, Star Track, the National Interscholastic Cycling Association…there are all sorts of two-wheeled organizations dong all kinds of good work who need your support.”

YES! I am ALL about donations as gifts, both to give and receive. With so many of my family members jumping on board the “I don’t want any more stuff” bandwagon, donations give me a way to express my gift giving love language while still honoring my loved ones’ needs. Not to mention you are supporting something they are passionate about!

And I can speak personally to donating to IMBA. Whenever a major storm rolls through my city, IMBA members are out there on trails as soon as the storm clears with chainsaws and loppers, racking up volunteer hours clearing out the trails I love to ride. Knowing my family makes a donation to this organization gives me the feeling of being able to ride the cleared trails guilt-free. A donation or membership would make for an awesome gift – you can even donate a set amount monthly to spread the donated gift out over 12 months.

So fret not. If you still have a few names to tick off that gift list, ya still got options and time!