"Not Quite Out of the Woods" - 36 Hours in Kitsbow

Recently I read a quote on the Bike Overnights website that hit me right in the feels. That same day, I put my first remote bike camp trip to the local national forest on my calendar and reached out to a few friends who I thought might be down for a one night adventure with the kiddos. So when I recently saw the short film Not Quite Out of the Woods by Emmy-award winning film maker Kate Geis, I might have gotten a little weepy. What a poignant reminder of how precious this time with our kiddos is and how there’s no better time than now to build and create these memories together.

Grab the tissues and give it a watch:

Can’t. Even.

This film clearly illustrated to me the huge priceless pay-off for the little extra effort I would put into creating an experience like a local bike camping trip with my child.

Our friends over at Bikepacking.com caught up with Eleanor and her dad, Adin, and you can read the updates here. You can also follow Eleanor’s leukemia journey here.

Great film making and story telling aside, Not Quite Out of the Woods looped me in to the 36 Hours in Kitsbow series. According to Kitsbow, a cycling apparel company, the point of the adventures highlighted in these sub 5 minute films is that they are*:
– Fun
– Near you. We want to see what and where you find your adventure close to home.
– Realistic (possible for a normal person, as opposed to an elite athlete)
– Affordable (private jets are frowned upon)
– Real (weather and all)
– Fun

So. Much. YES! The outdoor and adventure industry can be so exclusive in so many ways. I love that Kitsbow is using this series to show folks that there is room for all types of riders at the table and that adventure doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money. I think what I appreciate most about these films is seeing how ordinary people in ordinary towns are having extraordinary adventures in 36 hours, which means I can have the same wherever I live.

Kitsbow is also accepting applications for their 2019 videos here. Give the app a read if you have an adventure in your town you’d like to share!

*taken from the Kitsbow Grant Program application