Momentum Mag's Cargo Bike Diaries

We here at Xtracycle are guided by our company values in all the choices we make. These values include things like “Be a good butterfly” and “Be ready for anything”. In the three years I’ve been on the team and interacting daily with Xtracycle riders, one thing I’ve noticed is how riders of our bikes model these values too. One of those values I often see captured in the spirit of cargo bike riders is We ride together: “We share a vision of the bicycle as a powerful change agent—humble and inclusive yet revolutionary—and bikes that haul give people even more utility and personal freedom. That’s the whole point: we edgerunners ride together, and our bikes serve, transport, and transform us all. If the life we live is the legacy we leave, let’s ride!”

momentum magazine cargo bike diaries
What I loved most about the recent article from Momentum Magazine – The Cargo Bike Diaries (Part2/2) – is that the riders features here perfectly capture this value. Each rider gave a little bio about their family, how they use their bikes, and how they came to own a cargo bike. Just reading their words made we want to strap on my helmet and head out the door for a ride. It’s always so affirming to see that other riders have found that cycling has positively impacted their lives in the same ways!

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the Xtracycle riders featured in the Bike Diaries:

“Bicycles are the most convenient way of travelling in a dense city and they do not run on fossil fuels. Apart from being fast and cheap, cycling puts you in a good mood and gives you wind in your sails to meet the day’s challenges. And I was surprised about cycling with young children. Unlike in vehicles, kids on bikes stay engaged with the world around them and eager to talk to you about what they see.” (Joseph McHattie with sons Emmanuel 6, and Gabriel (4) – bottom right corner of the above pic)

“The kids love it, they’ve got their own bells and copy our hand signals. It does drum up a lot of conversation which is great. I could see the kids using it on their own as they get bigger. It really helps a family of five keep the car needs down.” (Vivien Lo (mom), Mark Samborsky (Dad), Costa 9, Mila 6 and Anton 4 – top left corner of the above pic).

Talk about the bicycle as a powerful change agent! Mega kudos to all you riders out there regardless of what bike you ride. You are making the world a better place one pedal stroke at a time!