In Praise of the Micro-overnight: Cass Gilbert's mini New Mexican adventure

Adventure of any variety is a win in my book. I especially love packing up the Rav4 turned mini camper with bikes, the kayak and camp gear to head out on a week long adventure somewhere far and away. But more often than not #adulting gets in the way so those macro-adventures only happen once or twice a year. Therein lies the beauty of the micro-adventure. With little time on my hands but the insatiable lust to wander and wonder, I can head out on a Friday, fill my weekend with nature and plenty of stoke, and be back home on Sunday night to recharge for another week at the office.

Cass Gilbert’s micro-overnight on his Xtracycle Leap converted Surly with his partner and kiddo in the New Mexico desert was the perfect reminder of how fulfilling a little weekend away by bike can be. Adventure is literally right outside the door waiting for us, where ever we live. Sometimes we just have to think outside the box of what we think “adventure” means and seek our thrills a little closer to home.

Check all the full trip report with gorgeous shots of that desert goodness over at Head on over to While Out Riding for more inspiration from some of his more macro-adventures:

Adventure: Cass Gilbert

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