Groovy gift ideas for cyclists and cargo bikers

For those who revel in the subtle art of gift giving, the struggle to find that perfect balance between practical and thoughtful is real. And I am all about unique and useful gift-giving.

If you have an avid cyclists or cargo bike rider on your list this year, take a peek at these goodies that any rider will delight in opening. Heads up: Support your local bike shop and check to see if they carry any of these items before buying online.

None of these items were sponsored. They are just things we use and love!

Bicycle Nomad custom aluminum bike license plate

Price: $20

These custom laser engraved aluminum bike license plates are a great way to add a little personality to anyone’s ride. Perfect for adults and kiddos alike and made by the awesome and inspiring folks over at Bicycle Nomad.


Price: $14.99 each

We pitch these lights every chance we can. They are spectacular! WheelBrightz are great for upping your visibility ante, and you can never be too visible on the road. Put one on your front wheel and wrap another around the Hooptie to keep the back end of your bike visible. The “oohs” and “aahs” from onlookers will make your night riding extra fun and festive.

Red Heart Reflective Yarn

Price: $6.29 for an 88 yard skein

Speaking of visibility, a skein of hi-viz yarn from Red Heart is perfect for that knitting cyclist on your holiday list. It comes in a nice range of colors (I’m partial to the day-glo orange) with a strip of high viz tape woven in. Your loved one can stay cozy and seen! Here is a super simple pattern for a crocheted cowl or a knit cowl.

Sunlite Squeeze Horn

Price: $4.86

What’s a cargo bike without a little whimsy? And nothing says whimsy like a T. rex head squeeze horn, am I right? Perfect up front on the handlebars or to attach to the Hooptie so you’re little passengers can help alert pedestrians and fellow cyclists to the awesome train coming through. Other fun shapes include aliens, turtles and lucky cats.


Price: $18

I am obsessed with this little pouch. It’s incredibly versatile and can be installed on numerous places on a cargo bike: vertical racks, handlebars, and my favorite, on the Hooptie. I love to load it up with snacks for my kiddo so they are easy for her to reach on a ride, or stuff it with my phone, wallet and house keys. It has one large interior pocket and a smaller exterior mesh pocket with a U-lock holster in the back.

Park Tools Pizza Cutter

Price: $15.95

Bikes and pizza go together like peanut butter and jelly. This pennyfarthing-shaped pizza cutter will allow any cyclist to keep spinning those wheels even during that post ride pie eating sesh.


Price: $12.50

If you’re a cargo biker of any level, you understand the glory of a good cargo strap. Whether it’s to load up the awesome curbside furniture find or cinch a box of apples down tight on the deck, you can never have too many tie downs. Of all the straps I use on my rig, these are my personal fave with their high quality 6-foot long webbing strap and solid metal cam buckle.

I-Beam Multi Tool

Price: $16.95

Just like lights and cargo straps, I’m of the notion that you can never have too many multi tools. Nary a ride goes by where I’m either glad I had one or kicking myself for forgetting it on my other bike. This one has all the wrench sizes and do-hickies you’ll need for any mid-ride fix or adjustment.

Xtracycle Patch

Price: $5

For the Xtracycle enthusiast on your list, our new embroidered patches are the bee’s knees. These babies, available in black and red, are easy to put on a hat, pack, bag lids, you name it. It’s a super easy way to DIY your own Xtra swag.

Outdoor Tech Turtleshell 3.0 Bluetooth Speaker

Price: $99.95

Who doesn’t love to jam out to some sweet tunes or catch up on the news during the morning commute? This baby is waterproof and plenty loud for all bike passengers to enjoy. It also holds a charge for days. You can install it on the handlebars with a handlebar mount or hold it in a bottle cage or side PorterPack mesh pocket. When not out riding, I use mine around the house for listening to music, podcasts and audiobooks.

Randi Jo Bartender bag

Price: $39

I didn’t install a feedbag onto my ride until recently and only then did I realize how essential having one really is! I keep one up front for snacks, my phone or a water bottle. I also have one on the Hooptie for my kiddo’s water bottle.

Bar Mitts

Price: $74.95

Winter winds can be brutal on a biker’s hands. Cyclists can keep those digits toasty with Bar Mitts. These stay on your bike’s handlebars during cold temps and all you to operate the shifters, bar levers and handlebars with ease while fitting off frostbite.

What else?

Have recommendations for other awesome gifts for riders? Post a link in the comments! We would love to see what other awesome options are out there. Stay warm and be merry!