Evergreen Journal & Xtracycle: Learn to hold your breath

Running a Certified Evergreen company with a big vision is more dangerous than one might think. Take it from Xtracycle CEO and a founding member of the Tugboat Institute, Ross Evans. He has learned this first hand, not only as an inventor and leader of a forward thinking company but also in his personal quest for worldly adventure when off the clock. After a nearly fatal kayaking accident that brought him to the shores on a flooded riverbank, Ross discovered that being put in the position of needing to come up for air was a lesson in and of itself. He shared these thoughts and more over on the Evergreen Journal:

“On a kayaking expedition in South America, I had an experience in which I came out of my kayak on a notorious stretch of river—a stretch I later learned had claimed the lives of others before me. It was sobering and scary, and when I emerged from the river I thought it would be a while before I got into a kayak again. But the next day, when I walked back to look at the roiling, flood-stage section of water that nearly took my life, I sensed that I had somehow been carried. The phenomenal message was clear: You are capable of much more; you can go bigger. It was a deep moment of spiritual knowing that stayed with me.”

This priceless lesson learned in those muddy waters has carried right on over to what can also be described as the tumultuous and rapid ridden world of running a bike business. Ross’ ultimate advice for those thinking about starting a bike company, or any kind of company for that matter? Think twice before diving in and when you do, learn to hold your breath but don’t forget to come up for air.

Ross in the Evergreen Journal

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