Daydream fuel of the Crust Bike Van Tour variety

Overnights by bike can be fun, sure. But a week long adventure along the Australian coast with frands, cafe stops, surfing, and no more than 12.5 miles a day? Um, YES, please! #mypeople. It is pure daydream fuel! Jorja, co-founder of Kook Exchange and “Crust Bikes Queen” captures it best:

“When you wake up slow, cook breakfast slow, slowly walk to the beach to check out the waves, have a quick surf, roll out with our 8 strong squad, stop at 3 or more cafes, find a perfect campsite, have another surf, chat and relax after a hard day and build the perfect campfire as the sun sets – time runs away from you.”

Daydream fuel - Radavist crust bike tour

And check out the super sweet Xtracyle Leap converted Crust Evasion. (pic by Jorja Creighton)

Daydream fuel - Crust bikes leap

Check out the full story and more dreamy pics over at the Radavist here:

Have you taken a a trip with your Xtracycle? Let us know where you went!