Come See Us at Sea Otter Classic 2019!

xtracycle sea otter

We’d love to see ya at this year’s Sea Otter Classic! You can find us over at booth R5 with our buds from Bosch:

We’re totally jazzed to have all the brand new bike bébés ready for test riding. We brought along:

  • The off-road ready Stoker with its two beefy 24″ wheel (pic’ed here)
  • The RFA in both Sport and Utility mode so you can see how dynamo those new DynamicDrops are
  • And the Swoop with its super sweet step through frame and classic 26″ front – 20″ rear wheel combo.

We are also partnering with some rad companies and hosting a friendly test ride competish. All you have to do is go test ride some bikes, check off the ones you rode on our entry form, and you’ll be entered to win some epic prizes!

xtracycle sea otter

There are a ton of awesome events going on through Sunday. Kiddos 12 and under are free and adult day passes are only $15/day! You can purchase tickets here.

So come on by booth R5, say hi and take an Xtra for a spin!

xtracycle sea otter