BikePortland: "Here’s why more Portlanders don’t bike with their kids"

We’re big fans of Jonathan Maus & Co. over at BikePortland, one of the best bike-life/culture sites on earth.

Maus is an Xtracycle and utility bike owner who’s committed to traveling on two wheels with his growing family, so he knows what it’s like navigating a modern, evolving city. And Portland is pretty progressive when it comes to cycling infrastructure. So we found this piece by Family Biking columnist (and cargo-bike mama) Madi Carlson especially interesting. Check it out:

“Here’s why more Portlanders don’t bike with their kids”

Carlson researched well and laid out a fun, inspiring, and thought-provoking story that’s generating a lot of smart discussion (see comments) about cycling in the real world, which is what we’re all about making better for everyone, especially families with younger kids.

(Read her cool piece about keeping young’uns cozy in the cold right here; there are some great shots of her sweet family cargo bike, a nice FreeRadical-equipped machine!)

Part of our passion is overcoming these obstacles and working for people-and-bike-friendlier cities, so this particularly resonated with us. Maybe let us know what you think in the comments. We love to hear about people’s experiences out there.