Bike Shop Girl reviews the RFA

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Recently our friend and Xtracycle dealer, Arleigh, at Bike Shop Girl in Denver, Colorado took the time to review the RFA. It is full of helpful and honest feedback from a rider with first-hand experience using an RFA to replace car trips and haul kiddos.

With Arleigh’s background as an avid cyclist, parent and business owner, we really appreciated her sharing her thoughts on this newest addition to our cargo bike line up. We here at Xtracycle are very needs and values driven. If we see the need for something out in the world (“Does the world need X?”) and that need aligns with our values as a company (“Will X help make positive changes in people’s lives?”), we work towards making it a reality. Case in point, a compact mid-tail with a full line of accessories that can help folks truly replace more car trips or heck, replace the car altogether, and live happier lives. Reading this bit from Arleigh’s piece really made us feel like we knocked these two goals in designing the RFA out of the ballpark:

“As I’ve spent so many years on various Xtracycles, it felt like I was coming back home to a more modern version that lost some xtra baggage. For me, the RFA is very much in line with what I think a “true” midtail should be, a very capable cargo focused bike that can carry 1-2 kids, or replace your trunk of a normal-sized Honda Civic. It feels burly, but I really like that confidence boost when weighing it down with everything my life includes.”

We were also high fiving our fellow teammates when we read that she feels like our accessory line up is “arguably some of the best for kid hauling”. A number of our team members use their Xtracycle for carrying kids and adult passengers so this accessory line up definitely comes from a place of first hand experience and need. Whether you’re carrying kids, cargo, kayaks, canines, you name it, we aim to have one or more plug-n-play accessories that will allow you to do that with ease and little frustration.

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To Arleigh’s feedback about not being a fan of the current kickstand that comes included, we will be launching an RFA version of our tried and true KickBack this summer so be sure to keep that on your radar!

If you are in the Denver area and looking for help in building up your dream cargo bike, be sure to get in touch with Arleigh at Bike Shop Girl. You can also see what else she has to offer on the Bike Shop Girl website and you can follow her adventures on social media (her accounts are some of the most fun to follow – we seriously enjoy seeing her snowy rides and bike building adventures!): FacebookTwitterInstagram.

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