BBOH: Home Delivery

How awesome does it feel to open your Big Box of Happiness? This awesome!

For those who don’t live near one of our stellar certified Xtracycle dealers, you can get that same level of pro assembly Xtracycle cargo bike delivered right to your front door with our Big Box of Happiness program!

For more about the professional assembly process, see our write up on that here. In this article we are going to focus on what comes next and arguably the most fun part: receiving your bike!

So what happens after your shiny new Xtracycle has passed the build inspection? This is when our custom engineered packaging comes into play. Your bike is secured to a wood pallet to give it a sturdy base while in transit. Once secured to the pallet, our assembly team will add padding and straps to your bike to keep it safe and sound on its journey to you. After we’ve ensured the bike is nice and snug on the pallet and has plenty of cushioning, we slide the Big Box on top. At this point our assemblers will jazz up your bike box with some custom cut stencil magic.

After it’s all sealed up in our Big Box of Happiness, we contact one of our premium freight partners to get it to you in time for your first adventure!

2-3 weeks after your new bike has left Xtracycle head quarters, the truck carrying your sweet new ride will arrive at your front door. The drivers will unload your BBOH, and now comes the moment you’ve been waiting for. The unboxing! A lot of BBOH customers will get the whole family involved for this exciting reveal.

Once your bike has been unboxed, that’s it! Your new Xtracycle is now ready to take you to all the amazing places you want to ride to. And your Big Box can move on to its next adventure, be it a play house or bed lining for your garden.

Check out all the value we have packed into your Big Box of Happiness!

Service Value
Complete pre-shipment certified seventy-one point safety check. $150
Wrap the handlebars, saddle, brakes, and shifters in protective foam. $10
Secure the fully built bike to our specially designed wood pallet using xtra strong cargo cam straps and tie downs. $35
Triple check your order to make sure all items are included. $0
Our custom Big Box of Happiness is carefully lowered onto the pallet and secured to ensure your bike is well protected along your journey. $50
Seal it all up with a kiss and lovingly deliver your B.B.O.H. to its destination with the help of our proven, premium freight partners. $450
Hours of fun for kids playing with the big box Priceless