30 Days of Biking - Week 4 Recap and Final Thoughts

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How is #30DaysOfBiking month over already?!

During this final week, using my bike for transportation became so second nature that I plumb forgot to take pictures, ha!

Here are my highlights from this fourth week of #30DaysOfBiking from my remote office location in North Florida:

– Biking through the national forest to participate in the City Nature Challenge where I spotted numerous endangered plant and animal species
– Opting for the bike to run errands and spotting a pair of red tail hawks.
– Celebrating the end of 30 Days of Biking with a family picnic and group ride with the local bicycle advocacy group, Joyride Bicycle Collective

Final take-away: I am so glad my family and I took this challenge! I hadn’t realized how much my transportation needs had shifted to relying on my car. 30DaysOfBiking was just the refresher I needed to get back into my groove of using my bike as my main transportation tool! I saw so many amazing sights that I otherwise would have missed out on, I got to enjoy the emotional boost of being out in nature more and I got to have fun while doing something that otherwise would have been humdrum. I can’t wait to roll into May for another month full of bike rides!

Black bike with straw basket in front bag.
Family dinner picnic bound.

Silver bike with green foliage in the background.
Taking the scenic route to run errands.

Green frog with golden eyes being held by a person's hand with dirt in the background.
Barking tree frog found in a wetland (Apalachicola National Forest).

Tortoise burrow hole in the sane with grass surrounding and trees in the background.
Endangered gopher tortoise burrow (Apalachicola National Forest).

Black and white beetle on pink milkweed flowers.
A beetle on some native Pinewoods Milkweed (Apalachicola National Forest).

Black, white and yellow monarch butterfly on green milkweed leaf.
Monarch caterpillar spotted on some native Pinewoods Milkweed (Apalachicola National Forest).

Brown speckled hawk on a wooden utility pole.
Red shouldered hawk spotted perching.

Took the scenic route to run errands.

Brown red shouldered hawks in a patch of green grass.
While on a commute to run errands, I spotted this red tailed hawk (?) pair in a field.