30 Days of Biking – Week 3 Recap

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Three cheers for another stellar week of cycling! During this third week of 30DaysOfBiking, I really found my “biking for transportation groove”. Instead of thinking “Oh, I should drop those donations off on my bike”, I just instinctively started loading up the donations on my bike. It felt so good to realize I was again defaulting to the bike regardless of my cargo load!

Here are my highlights from this third week of #30DaysOfBiking from my remote office location in North Florida:

– Family bike camp with Joyride Bicycle Collective in the local National Forest! The weather was perfect and the company was primo. So many kids and SO many bikes!
– All the opportunities for spring time foraging, like loquats and blackberries.
– Riding with my kiddo to the local National Park Service office across town to volunteer in the library.

xtracycle 30 days
My family bike camping rig.

xtracycle 30 days
Family bike camp in the local national forest.

xtracycle 30 days
A non-venomous corn snake rescued from a dangerous road situation after leaving camp.

xtracycle 30 days
Evening primrose dotting the short of an urban lake I visited with my family for an evening picnic dinner.

xtracycle 30 days
Attending a city bike infrastructure meeting downtown.

xtracycle 30 days
Hauling old frames from the bike shed to be donated to the local volunteer bike shop.

A hand holding blackberries with green leaves in the background.
Foraging for wild blackberries on a urban multi-use trail.

Loquats found while biking.
Ripe fuzzy loquats fresh for the picking.

xtracycle 30 days
Locked up at the local National Park Service office.